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「薄っぺらの同盟」 (Usuppera no Doumei)
“A Flimsy Alliance”

Rules are rules — but overhearing people talk isn’t!

General Impressions

Man, it’s been a while since I took a moment to look back and figure out just what it is that draws me to a show. Seeing how we’ve hit the first episode in the two-digit mark and our scary big boy Tsukasa has finally appeared again, what better time could there be just to chew the fat? That and at the end we’ll touch on some of the key points from the episode.

If I were to pick the one thing that has kept me coming back for more, it’d have to be Senku. As a whole, it’s been an amazing time watching and learning about him. Billed as the genius who will save the world, there’s just something special about watching him draw from every discipline in science. Be it watching him fasten together a basic compass to constructing a fully working man-powered generator, there’s never a dull moment as we watch him solve problem after problem. The thing is though, even though Senku manages to find the answer, it’s clear that it’s usually never on the first try and only through a combination of dedication and a tiny bit of luck that an answer is found. A point that I think is crucial to keeping the story from growing stale since what fun is it when you know that something will always succeed?

One other really big point that I’d like to highlight is how many “gray” characters there are. Unlike most shows where everyone is strictly good or bad, it’s really something else to see so many characters live in-between both extremes. Tsukasa’s a monster but doesn’t necessarily have the worst intentions in mind. Magma is a meathead who wants to gain power, but in a world where brute strength equals safety what’s to say he’s in the wrong? And last but not least Gen is someone who lives to achieve his goals but has no qualms about being honest about it nor using that mindset to get what he wants. All three are characters who spice the story up a bit since we’re not 100% sure what they’re going to do and that uncertainty leads to interesting beats as things continue to move forward.

Oh man! It was pretty fun taking a deeper look at the show as a whole. If we bounce back to this week’s episode though, it looks like the Kingdom of Science is in for some tough times with the Grand Bout about to kick off. Hopefully we’ll be able to see Senku or Chrome do something cool since the focus looks like it’s shifting toward our fighters. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week!

Minor Spoiler Talk

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September 8, 2019 at 2:55 pm
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