Don’t you love it when a story comes together? Because KnA is proving it knows how both to tie up loose ends as well as introduce them by the truck full. While this week’s info dump was arguably provided in full a few episodes back with Charce’s first kick at the backstory can, it’s nice seeing guesswork pay off and further development come from it. Now all that remains is the one backstory ruling them all.

As largely guessed from the start, Aries is indeed a clone, and one of yet another famous individual. The intriguing part (and the ironic one to boot) is that she’s technically Charce’s daughter by genetics, which I’m sure no one likely saw coming. Father daughter cloning shenanigans? Truly entering new territory with this one. Aries’ true history though certainly acquires a little more sadness than the rest just due to the nature of her life growing up. Brooder-cum-adopted mother who loved her dearly; snuck out before legislation demanded her liquidation; relatively normal and happy life; Aries had it all in comparison to the rest of the kids, and is the one who could benefit the most from their current situation. Being the sole (cloned) heir to a throne is not something which can be ignored easily, and is something Aries will have to confront and deal with eventually. The girl has a major decision awaiting her in the future, even if she cannot fully realize it yet.

As for Charce there’s arguably even less surprises at hand now that the truth is out. While the guy’s rigid devotion to the king is slightly disconcerting, it’s frankly not unbelievable considering how many religious and ideological fanatics our modern world keeps churning out by the day. Charce was raised from birth with the expectation of dying for a cause, and in that life with its limited paths for exploration (he may have received an education, but guaranteed certain things were still restricted for him) there would be little reason for him to suddenly choose liberty and the pursuit of personal happiness. It’s why he was determined to kill himself even after discovering Aries for example; his whole purpose was to provide a body, if the body was no longer required then he similarly had no reason to exist. Quite insidious and determined brainwashing all things considered, but not entirely unrealistic. The bigger issues at hand (heh) with this reveal is why Seira was assassinated in the first place (and why Aries was similarly tracked down and set up) and how much history Charce actually knows (because that Earth name drop by the king to him was not coincidental), but I imagine we’ll get to these tidbits next. After all there’s only one more stop on this space adventure, and it’s the one set to blow everything wide open.

Best strap in and get the popcorn ready boys and girls, because this season finale is going to be a little crazy.


  1. Even absent a cliffhanger, this series has to end the super dramatic episode on a pun. XD

    Also, word going around that the final episode will be double length like the first episode was.

  2. …so the king decides to kill his clone because of NEW legislation. The NEW legislation comes out when his clone is 14 years old or older. So that new legislation punishes those who created clones 14 YEARS BEFORE it was introduced?

    I used to think that only things like crimes against humanity and such would be punishable in such a retrospective manner. Isn’t it the norm that new laws forbid acts done AFTER they have come into force?

    1. cloning was always super illegal in their universe. The new legislation was the Genome act which meant everyone was FORCED to submit DNA which would immediately show any clones out in the wild. Hence the need to eliminate the kids before it goes into effect fully.

      1. > cloning was always super illegal in their universe
        > The new legislation was the Genome act which meant
        > everyone was FORCED to submit DNA which would
        > immediately show any clones out in the wild

        Spike, mucho gracias, this explains the central premise of this series to me

    2. In a sense though cloning this case could be considered ethically significant enough to warrant retrospective punishment. Charce for example was treated as a living body vs. a human being, and the others were openly considered the same (if not directly treated as such). That is entering slavery territory and warrants being labelled a crime against humanity.

  3. Kanata was always extending helpful hand to everyone, and now he lost it…
    Aries of course is a clone too, though real Seira story was a little bit different.
    Charce was good enough assassin to improvise plausible, part-true cover story.
    I would love to see either him or Aries end up on the throne once that awful excuse for a king ends up in prison.

  4. I’d say I remain unconvinced about Charis’ motives. It doesn’t seem to that this is how brainwashing works. People get aggresive when the percieve danger: to themselves, to their beliefs/their picture of the world, to their loved ones, their kin, country, race, species 🙂 What is Charis angry about? So angry that he is ready to kill the crowd? Okay, people also may kill in cold blood, due to rational reasons. This war will not end until we win it. I get paid for killing. There can be fear: if I don’t obey the drill sergeant will discipline me. Religious fanatics at least hope for a reward in afterlife. People fight civil wars because they hope to achieve fairness, justice, better life or simply because there is no other way in the existing chaos.

    Charce is like a mechanical puppet: I got to do what I’m told. Is he depressed? Do people become murderous because of depression?.. This suffering is unbearable so I’d rather end it all?.. I’m not saying it is not imaginable somebody could have behaved like he did. I’m saying a much better job could/should have been done showing his motives. With so much build-up, so much talent spent on visuals the psychological part is just not there for him.. while that could have been what makes the story deep an enjoyable. I want my katarsis! They’ve stolen it from me 😀

      1. Perhaps my issue is I cannot empathize with him at all.. If such a state of mind is possible it’s alien to me – and I would hypothesize alien to all viewers.. Then it’s still a missed opportunity to instead present a viewers with a character which they _can_ and willingly would empathize with.. That way a bit of their psychological pressures could be relieved

        Heck, I’d happily take a psychopath Charic over this Charic any time of the day. I do enjoy my psychopath characters (heck, nothing better then Mirai Nikki has been shot on this planet ;-D)

  5. I am interested in the bogus history and “Look to the future.” What could they be trying to hide. Perhaps a “War of the Worlds” where humans were the invaders and wiped out the intelligent species that lived there already. That would be a memory that you wouldn’t want to pass on to your descendants.

    1. I bet the secret of the Artificial Sphere. Perhaps they took this Control Device with them and shut off the gate so the rest (or some) Peoples was left behind for Doom

      Astra could have all survivors from Earth, but they cut it of after some of them arrived

      (i think something like this: “This is enough, this Planet can not take anymore peoples!”)
      The older Generation living on Astra was some kind of Pioneers that prepare the Spot for the Main group, but then rebelled


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