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「背中合わせの仲間たち」 (Senakaawase no Nakamatachi)
“Buddies Back-to-Back”

The power of science combined with the power of trust might be neigh unbeatable.

General Impressions

Being a good mix of character development and plot progression, this week’s episode touched on a few things I’ve been dying to see. The biggest of which was how the plot would handle difficult topics like the Kingdom of Science trying to obtain difficult-to-obtain materials like sulfuric acid. The funniest part being that while sulfuric acid is some pretty nasty stuff to get on your skin, the act of procuring the darn thing is actually what makes it difficult. Besides finding a suitable container to hold it in, trying to get past the insane barrier of deadly gasses would be impossible in a post-petrification world. All of which is what makes the act of actually getting some of that sulfuric acid insanely fun to watch when you account for Senku’s plan for doing so.

Sulfuric Acid escapades aside, I was surprised to see the show give Ginro an opportunity to demonstrate he’s more than just a comic relief character (and foil to Kinro). With someone who has above-average physical abilities and was one of the first to accept science, you’d think that Ginro would have been a likeable character. Unfortunately that Taiju-like personality of his (but in all the wrong ways possible) has always made him stick out for all the wrong reasons. Constantly whining and making the stupidest faces, I was glad to see the fear of death knock some sense into him. Some sense that also gave him the encouragement to face his fears and act as the backup that Team Science needed in their time of need.

Man, what an episode! It feels like we’re inching closer and closer to Senku finally being able to complete the world’s first antibiotic! I’m sure there are still some materials that he needs to synthesize, but I can’t imagine anything being as difficult as it was to get sulfuric acid. Luckily he has a good group of people standing beside him and hopefully things will continue to go as well as they have been. That said, it looks like the tournament to decide the next village elder is rapidly approaching and I have no idea if Kinro or Ginro are ready. Hopefully they’ll be able to figure out something to knock the crap out of that big oaf Magma.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!



September 22, 2019 at 11:09 pm
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