This episode felt equal parts tense and stretched. The lion’s share of the episode was clearly devoted again to the ideal of tension; of building up the stakes by worrying, by brooding, by plotting in detail. It felt necessary in parts, but stretched in others—a situation I have sympathy for, because the idea was clearly to get to the precise place they did at the end, so as to set up the plethora of isolated battles that will likely be the focus of the next few episodes. It just required running out the clock in points prior to that. Too much brooding, not enough action … but worth the price, I feel. Though only the rest of this arc will truly tell.

Aside from that, I find myself with uncharacteristically little to say, other than that we saw some cool new quirks (her nom de guerre makes sense now), and that I hope everything works out for Eri, not the least because of Mirio and Izuku, but also because of Eri herself. Luckily we should get some awesome battles before we get the answer to that particular question. Woohoo, can’t wait!

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  1. I feel like they are wasting too much time
    Yes, I know that some of that in the last 2 episodes was necessary but I can’t help thinking that I’m watching half an episode every time

    1. FYI the pacing was slower in the manga too. Granted, a manga gives you the opportunity to create your own pacing in your head, but the anime didn’t skip over any bit of information.


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