「ルミリオン」 (Rumirion)

It’s easiest for a story to impress when it’s first starting. That’s when we don’t know what to expect, and when we’re open to being positively surprised. The entire first season of HeroAca was phenomenal both because it was phenomenal, and because even when people hype up a story, when it’s this good it’s hard to hype it up accurately. That first season exceeded lofty expectations. No easy task.

Since then, those pulse-pounding, heart-quaking episodes have been fewer and farther between. Not because the storytelling is any worse; on the contrary. It’s just that our expectations calibrated. It’s hedonic adaptation with regards to narrative. It takes more to get the same high.

I say all that to say this: this was one of the best episodes of the series so far.

It started out with a realization, at least for me. I realized that, with the Hassaikai in the story, it puts the heroes + the League of Villains in an interesting place, at least for us, the viewers. The heroes are the heroes, but the League of Villains are more the protagonists to us than the Hassaikai. In a battle between the heroes and any villain, our choice is clear. But in a battle between the League of Villains and the Hassaikai, we root for the League of Villains. That’s crazy, and also cool. They’re our villain protagonists now, and we cheer for them above all the other villains. That’s what familiarity, and good characterization, has bought them.

But that’s not why this episode was so good. That had everything to do with the episode’s namesake. This episode was all about Lemillion.

They threw challenges at him. He defeated them. Overhaul threw his best at him. He took it, and gave back better. And in the end, when it came to a terrible choice, he did the heroic thing, and this too could not break him. Where others would have crumbled at the confession dude’s psychological warfare, Mirio excelled. Most others would have fallen apart at losing their quirk.

Mirio did not.

That’s not even counting the reveals about Eri’s parentage. Chisaki’s origin. How Mirio became who Mirio is. Though it has a lot to do with that last one. This is all about a man, who people expected to act like a boy, and who is more hero than most heroes will ever be. It’s about doing something different than killing a character, but getting that same incontrovertible change. Mirio is changed. Lemillion is dead.

Only he’s not. Lemillion was never a quirk. Lemillion was also Mirio, and the hero he could be. He may not now save 1,000,000 people, but when the chips were down, he didn’t just keep fighting. He excelled, and he hung on long enough.

And isn’t it a good thing Mirio didn’t get One For All now? It would have just been eradicated. Fuck me!

This time, instead of my occasional random thoughts, we end with two of Mirio’s lines, and my thoughts on them. First:

“It’s okay! I will become your hero!”

That’s it. That’s his line. Even if he only gets to use it once, that’s Mirio’s hero line, and it’s every bit as good as All Might’s was. Izuku is going to have to get cracking to measure up to either of those slogans.

“A hero puts on his cape so he can use it to wrap up a hurting girl who’s suffering and in pain!”

Holy s#*t. This line is the best encapsulation—some would say excuse—for heroic capes I’ve ever heard. Heroes are symbols, and the cape is a symbol of heroes, this is true. But the point of the symbol is its effect on others. His symbol he uses to protect and to reassure. Mirio is the best damn hero of them all.

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  1. Assuming things would have happened just the same, I think if he had OfA, he wouldn’t have gotten shot in the first place. He would have been harder to hit, and his blows could definitely incapacitate in one shot, so both Chrono and Overhaul would have been knocked out. But then again, if he DID have OfA, he probably would have never tutored under Nighteye, and thus he wouldn’t have the same cognitive ability he currently has with his new quirk, so maybe he would have still been shot. Needless to say, Deku will be a good linchpin to see how effective OfA is against Overhaul’s quirk.

    1. Is still unknown. What I fear is given these ingredients if the author is going the easy cheap majin Vegeta / forbiden seal Sasuke on him out of desperation for saving someone or feel useful. Fortunately he does fine twists and hype the audience.

  2. It’s as you said, Stilts. Lemillion is more than just a quirk. Mirio dreamed of becoming a hero and saving people, and though he no longer has his quirk, Eri will now remember him as the one who risked his all to save her. He will always be her hero, just like Deku will always be Kota’s hero. So really, Mirio’s already achieved his dream. He’s already achieved his victory.

    Kids need to have a hero in their lives, no matter the circumstance.

  3. I Freaking watched this right after the last Ep of Vinland Saga !!!!!
    I actually got drunk on adrenaline from 2 freaking Super Episode back to back. Never had so much excitement rushing through my whole body, for as long as I can remember. Man what a Night !!! Thank you ANIME ^^

    1. Holy shit, an editor by the name of Rhop who does editing for a few reaction channels I watch edited in the manga narration during the final scene of Mirio vs Chisaki and holy shit did the water works flow when I read it:

      “15 minutes since Mirio arrived on the scene….

      5 minutes since he was shot with the quirk eliminating round…

      Even with that overwhelming disadvantage…

      Fighting 2 on 1…

      Quirkless for a full third of the fight, he fought….

      No. He protected her.”

  4. It was an unfair fight once the bullet came into play, otherwise I believe Lemillion would have won that battle given he did everything right no doubt. But the creator had to leave some fight for Deku to take the stage.
    I didn’t think the villains masks were that durable to withstand Lemillion’s punch so much. But if you paid attention every punch was meaningful.

    random viewer
  5. I hate being the downer so I’ll try not to say too much, but I’ve never been a fan of Lemillion. He’s always rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. It bugs me that the is probably something superficial, but I really wish I liked him more because he’s obviously not a bad person. That being said, what bugs me more is how easilly Hassakai is getting his ass kicked by Lemillion. After all that build up, I feel like it was all thrown away in favor of trying to make Lemillion seem cool. Ugh, I feel like I might be getting a lot of hate from the Lemillion fans now. I am sorry.


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