「超能力者(レベル5)」 (Chou-nouryoku-sha (Reberu Faibu))
“Super-powered (Level 5)”

Well boys and girls, it’s been one hell of a wait, but it’s finally here: Railgun has returned. While the return of Index back in 2018 was lauded in of itself (even if the results were, erm, less than impressive) and Accelerator added some well needed spice to the Index-verse adaptation catalogue, there’s no denying Railgun was what we were all waiting for with baited breath. So how does the next round of shorts wearing electromagnetism play out? Amazingly.

Right from the get-go Railgun wastes little time in (re)introducing us to all the major players of past and future. The titular Misaka (Satou Rina) is as Misaka does as usual for example, while Kuroko (Arai Satomi) is still firmly endowed with a sense of love (and ridiculous pet name giving) no amount of shock therapy will ever eliminate. Not far behind of course comes the always popular duo of Saten and Uiharu, and yes, you don’t need to worry about Saten’s weekly reporting—she’s as top notch as ever on the details. Accompanying such mainstays as well are a whole swath of series staples, from Kongo to the Sisters, ITEM and Accelerator, and even those level fives who we may not have much experience with yet, but are set for some serious screen time (looking at you there Misaki (Asakura Azumi)). It’s a hell of a lot to take in for an introduction, although likely just enough for anyone familiar with Railgun to wrap their heads around. And if you’re not familiar with Railgun go back and watch the first two seasons already!

As for story Railgun T will likewise be offering no major surprises. Things are kicking off with the Daihaiseisai Festival arc teased at the end of last season, and while initial pacing indications could point to troubles down the road (it’s a massive arc truth be told, even for two cours), expect it to last at minimum a good way to Railgun T’s midpoint. As the foreshadowing and eerie connections of Misaki suggest there’s a lot of material to unpack here, and with both new and old characters alike being teased like mad (yes, Touma and fist of justice is never that far away) you can expect things to heat up and get wild in a significant rush. After all it just wouldn’t be Railgun (or the Index-verse for that matter) without a few crazy twists waiting down the pipeline.

While too early to guess how Railgun T will turn out overall, with cast and crew firing on all cylinders alongside Railgun worthy animation and artwork, you can firmly bet this one will not prove disappointing. Best stick around boys and girls, because Railgun is back and it’s just getting started.

OP Sequence

OP: 「final phase」 by fripSide



    1. Its refreshing to see our Electric Princess and her friends take center stage once more after these years. Personally, allthough I know what happened to Kuroko I just felt that a bit of flasback would help remind some viewers of the incident. Maybe they’re saving it for later.

      I felt a bit awkward with the subtitles when I compared it with UTW. Just not used to see Miss Uiharu, Miss Saten or Sissy used instead of Uiharu-san, Saten-san or Onee-sama respectively.

      Sounds like Accelerators powers sfx were retained but the Railgun sfx changed but I think I like it better than the one used in Index 3. I wonder how Imagine Breaker would sound.

      Its good that its still fripside who does the opening theme. I like the animation of the opening. Not bad although it leaves something to be desired.

      Off to a good start. Hope it goes well like Railgun S.

      1. Thos english CR subs sure are annoying. For those of us who understand other languages, there’s the option to switch to german or portugues where the translators kept “Onee-sama” and the honorifics unchanged.

    1. They didn’t. They accomplished everything they wanted to do and covered every remaining Index novel up until New Testament. It’s clear they went into the season with a plan and while anime only viewers may not have liked, novel readers got the remaining arcs on turbo speed lol.

      I would expect when they announce Season 4 of Index that they’ll return to normal speed in terms of pacing despite having 22(technically 23) New Testament novels to cover.

  1. Is it spoiler if I say that Railgun T picks up after Index II episode 8?

    Finally Railgun’s back!

    After that series called Index III…

    Will we get to see Oriana Thompson in the upcoming weeks or is she only in Index?

    Can’t wait to see Misaka-mom and Toumom!

    Henrietta Brix
    1. No because the promotional material and everything Railgun related about this season revealed made it clear the Daihaisei Festival was going to be covered. I’m excited to see what filler arc they have for us after this one is done, per tradition of having half canon half filler Railgun adaptations.

        1. That’s surprising. I guess that means we’re not going to get a Season 4 anytime soon(Probaby another 6 year wait lol) as they only have one arc left at present that could be adapted if Dream Ranker is done.

          1. There’s always the long-shot of the Railgun SS novels and/or other relevant side-stories getting adapted – and they also have Astral Buddy to consider, though that one might need it’s own series to avoid continuity snarls – but yeah, it’s probably going to be a while before an S4 is viable.

    2. No Orianna Thompson, unless they squeeze in a cameo into the few scenes showing the opening ceremonies (presumably next episode).

      The Daihasei Festival is a week-long event and the events of the Index Daihasei arc take places on Day 1, whereas the bulk of the Railgun Daihasei arc takes place a few days later (Day 3 or 4), meaning she’s been defeated and captured by the time things start moving in earnest.

      I think we get a little Momsaka, but I don’t recall any Toumom, though admittedly it’s been quite a while since I reread the manga.

      Regardless, very much looking forward to this season.

  2. It’s tough to imagine ant other artist besides FripSide for Railgun.

    What a solid opening episode – and polka-dots to boot — getting
    really fired up there! Looks like two solid arcs for a two cour season.
    I haven’t read any of the “world’s” mangas, but the buzz is that these
    are good stories to adapt – can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  3. Watching to see what trouble Misaka is going to get herself into.

    Haven’t watched Railgun S and have no problem following this episode. But is it necessary to watch it to enjoy T? Have also seen less than ten episodes of the whole Index series.

  4. Is it bad that when I saw the bear toy dance again, I instantly had Aaron Smith’s “Dancin” playing in my head? (“♪ Get up on the floor, Dancin’ all night long… ♪”)

    After a brief cameo in Accelerator, the “UUU-III-HAAA-RUUU!” maneuver finally returns to Railgun. Also missed those…*ahem*…”touchy-feely” moments between Kuroko and Mikoto.

    Dat delicious Frenda**… (Already put the “Fre/nda” jokes to bed once it happened in Index III.)

    Other thoughts:
    – Loved how Accelerator’s scene was basically, “Go watch my spinoff, you worms.”
    – Looking forward to seeing more of Sogiita Gunha’s hot-bloodedness in action.
    – And thank goodness the animation for this season is as vibrant as ever.

    Advanced late Ep. 02 post:
    Ara ara~, Mikoto’s mom is back… (And it seems Saten and Uiharu know of Touma, though not by name.)

  5. I been seeing plenty of recommendation for Index and Railgun. How would one go about starting this series? For both Rail and Index? Any particular order? Any specific I should avoid?

    1. In general you could start with either Index or Railgun as both series feature complete stories and don’t require you to have seen one to understand the other.

      Personally though I’d recommend giving Railgun a try first as it’s arguably the better show and stays pretty consistent through its seasons—plus it’s very amine-only viewer friendly! Index unfortunately flew off the rails later on and relies heavily on you having read the light novels to make sense of things.

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