OP7 Sequence

OP7: 「スターマーカー」 (Star Maker) by KANA-BOON

「燻る炎」 (Kusuburu Honou)
“Smoldering Flames”

This week was another aftermath episode, coupled with a what’s coming next episode. With regards to the former: the scene between Izuku and Mirio was a touching one, as Izuku again threatens to divulge his secret (stopitstopitstopit you baka!!!), while Mirio again proves what a sterling individual he is.

Two things worth pointing out. First, notice how Izuku keeps looking down on himself? Even with everything he was able to accomplish, even with everything he’s done, he still doubts his intrinsic value, and sees more worth in others. It goes to show how deep a lack of self-esteem goes, and the more Izuku grows and builds his self-esteem thereby, the more stirring it’s going to be as he banishes that treacherous voice in his head that whispers lies about his self-worth. Though I have to say, it’s hard not to feel like less when comparing one’s self with Mirio. That boy—no, that hero is one to look up to, for sure.

Second, I continue to love Nighteye’s final use of his Foresight. We all know he could have lied, right? He saw something, but he doesn’t have to accurately speak of what he saw. But it doesn’t matter a bit if he was telling the truth. With his Foresight, he gave Mirio something to believe in, and through that, he will make the reality Nighteye saw come true. He’ll be a finer hero than anyone else… even if he has to do it quirkless. Believe it.

Also, a quick third: that recap of this past arc when the heroes lay down to sleep got to me. Total water works y’all. They just condensed it so well that the emotional payload came back, and I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. Beautifully done.

On the other hand, we have what’s to come. First: holy damn Gigantomachia (Mamiya Yasuhiro) is a big boy. And what he did to those mountains… Whoa. While I’ll admit that I think the capture of Kurogiri could perhaps still be more valuable—when conducting a guerrilla campaign, rapid and undetected movement can often outperform raw power, especially when it can be used to transfer that power to the most vulnerable location—I say that out of ignorance of Gigantomachia’s power, and he seems like bad news. Certainly a good introduction to the villain to be sure.

I also like the pivot to Shouto and Bakugou (et al) intellectually, even as I’m not immediately jazzed emotionally. Coming off that killer arc, going back into a training arc just feels a littl backward, right? But variety is the spice of life, and focusing on some other characters for a while is definitely a good idea. My gut will catch up as long as the story keeps being good, and if we can depend on anything, I think it’s the story of Boku no Hero Academia being good. That and the crew at Bones translating it faithfully and effectively onto the screen. Damn, it feels good to have this anime in our lives!

Quick final thoughts: I loooove non-spoiler OP/EDs that show elements you normally don’t get to see, whether it’s alternate worlds (or alternate pastimes) or simple slice-of-life. I loved the school festival + the concert in the OP (centering Jirou was a really cool move), and then seeing all those different photos was just fun. Great choices. Also: some day I need to write an editorial about the theme of smiling through adversity in HeroAca. I say that mostly so you’ll think of it every time it happens in the series, and so you too can attempt to do it in your regular life. Plus Ultra, y’all.


ED8 Sequence

ED8: 「Shout Baby」 by Ryokuoushoku Shakai



  1. Another great episode. I am not one to speculate but I found it odd that they couldn’t find Gigantomachia. I mean – he is a big guy that shakes the ground when he walks so get a hero that flys or has good hearing to find him unless his powers allows him to get to normal human size. Speculation.

    Curious…Would Deku easily defeat Shouto and Bakugou now that he has so much more experience fighting and dealing with bonafide top tier villans? Yes, more speculating.

  2. I want to know what happened when Cammy showed up to school after Toga took her place.

    “Oh hey sorry you failed the hero exam”
    Cammy: “But I didn’t take the test — some girl knocked me out and I woke up stuffed in a dumpster.”
    “Bummer. No retakes.”

      1. Having watched the next episode, I guess this is kinda what happened. (Except Cammy and her teachers thought she just forgot about the test until Deku told the police about Togo.)

  3. “I say that mostly so you’ll think of it every time it happens in the series, and so you too can attempt to do it in your regular life.”

    Looking forward to that editorial. I’m pretty sure every human being needs something like smiling in the face of life’s adversities. I know I do.

  4. What is with that new opening? Am I watching a Romcom now?
    Sorry, couldn’t enjoy it all; doesn’t feel at all like Shonen to me
    I’ll be skipping the opening going forward


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