「Auribus oculi fideliores sunt」
“The Eyes are More Trustworthy than the Ears”

With Corona-chan wreaking viral havoc across the known world it’s probably not that big a surprise Railgun has also fallen victim, but damn, anime delays due to pandemic? We are truly living in the best (worst?) timeline. Nevertheless while Railgun may be gone for another two weeks (!), there’s no denying when it returns the ride commences in earnest.

As Railgun has proven time and again, whenever Misaka winds up in the danger the fun begins and what we have now doesn’t break that trend. It doesn’t matter how many hostages are taken or what danger they are placed in for example: one way or another the biribiri will ride the lightning to a pure and wholesome outcome. Yes, very wholesome. You’d think the likes of our informed MEMBER girl would’ve known that before jumping the gun (read: bring more support), but hey, pride sometimes demands quick action. At least we know now that Misaki and the current underground flavour of the arc aren’t exactly working together; a two-way fight just became a three for all.

What will make the upcoming proceedings particularly interesting too is the role the likes of Uiharu, Saten, and Kuroko will play, because you can be assured Misaka’s friends won’t remain on the sidelines. I don’t think it’ll be long before Saten starts experiencing cognitive dissonance in regards to her memories for example, as curious phone contacts and consistent Misaka contact all but guarantee something triggering her to put mental two and two together. Not to mention the appearance (finally) of Saten’s illustrious shadow metal. Railgun has assembled the cast and given each a purpose, and now all that remains is to at last cash in the rewards by bringing Misaki’s (and MEMBER’s) objectives into the open.

It’s been a roundabout buildup, but Railgun is ready to start flexing its ESP muscles.




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  2. I read that the next __new__ episode won’t be available until after March 13 😣 !!!
    With the delays, I wonder how the overall series will be affected as far as episode
    count and arc coverage…

    Anyway, they’re doing a great job as far as storytelling – everything’s fitting together
    and flows pretty smoothly.

    Kuroko’s “My tastes do not run that way!” had me laughing hard!
    As far as phone contacts go, I wonder if Kuroko will think to check her phone?

    I haven’t read the source, but I’m surprised that the (clone) sisters haven’t played
    a larger role in that they should all know something’s wrong with one of them
    and they should easily be able to find her (I think).

    Gonna feel like a year waiting for the next episode!

    1. I was surprised that Kuroko was brainwashed so easily—that and it would have been really cool if Saten-san was also one of the few should couldn’t be brainwashed.

      MARCH 13!!! My people from across the ocean has really did a number to our global health now it’s REALLY affecting my favorite Anime titles.

      1. Wonder whether they’ll be able to “break free” themselves.

        That the shadow metal girl really tried to kill Misaka’s mother is pretty damn inexcusable. Hope she doesn’t get away scot-free, no matter how nice she might play later on.

    2. Personally I think they should finish the current arc and call it a day on Season 3. They could easily just greenlight a Season 4 for the fall season and continue from there, hopefully in a Corona free world.

      1. Ideally it would probably be for the best, but with so much money invested already (not to mention scheduling difficulties) it would really hurt. A two week break is arguably the better option, and for once it’s actually a legitimate reason rather than “production issues” 😛

        1. But won’t the show run out of timeslot space if the delays keep happening? I’m not really sure how things are handled in any case as this sort of thing doesn’t happen often. Just from what I understand anime only has a certain amount of weeks to air before another show takes its place.

  3. Corona-chan delaying this by two weeks? I guess they still do things like in Shirobako. Would’ve been better with no delays though, since they really aren’t encouraging outdoor activities. The wait is jarring considering the title of the next episode.

    Regarding the story so far, it looks like Misaki or someone “allied” with her has been planing this operation for quite sometime. But Misaki’s current action looks more like she’s buying time. Cut off from her group, but keeping tabs on MEMBER. What ever she’s doing it requires her to stall Misaka. Have to wonder if it relates to that “we don’t have time to bother with that now” that the cat overheard.

    1. Misaki very likely is. Erasing Kuroko’s, Uiharu’s and Saten’s memory doesn’t make much sense if Misaka is the main threat for example, which implies the goal is distracting Misaka by having her deal with her friends’ newfound amnesia. Of course why is the main question, but we’ll find out shortly!

  4. Kuroko acting all tsundere and STRAIGHT was comedic gold.
    Saten maybe was not unable to withstand brainwashing, but she is REALLY smart. She was the first one to connect the dots and realise she and friends have been mind-tampered.
    My current nagging question is, who the ehck is that hooded girl?


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