「回復術士は、奴隷を買う!」 (Kaifuku Jutsushi wa, Dorei o Kau!)
“The Healer Buys a Slave!”

If watching the collective head of Wall Street lose its mind over Reddit tendies and Gamestop memes wasn’t controversy enough for a Wednesday, lest one forget Kaiyari is here to ensure anime’s own tempest in a teapot gets its due. Sure, this episode isn’t as wicked as last week’s entry in all thing edgy, but in a series like this, it’s never about absolutes.

For anyone still in doubt that Keyaru’s past was less severe outside of Flare than suggested, I think the additional backstory revealed here solved that little problem. Every hero had a part in literally defiling our MC, whether than be as a masturbatory tool, pressure relief valve, or a suitable doll fit for use and abuse. Is it disgusting? Damn right. Is there any real purpose to playing it up so heavily outside of reinforcing the revenge premise? Not really. Can we expect plenty more of it going forward? Oh hell yes. Best believe Kaiyari still has plenty more up its sleeve when it comes to this sort of material, because if the past couple of weeks have shown anything, it’s that breasts, vaginal canals, and the tender manly clapping of cheeks are the base sustenance through which Keyaru sustains his vendetta.

As for actual plot (heh), the first bits of it came courtesy of new party member Setsuna. Ignoring the superficial variety of fantasy slavery here (note all the slaves are effectively beastmen) and how ironically similar the scenario is to Shield Hero’s Raphtalia, Setsuna’s focus on revenge pretty much ensures Kaiyari will be doubling down on all things revenge by expanding the premise out to its secondary characters. While I’m still doubtful about Kaiyari’s narrative longevity, particularly in terms of visual edginess, such a move isn’t actually that bad an idea; besides dealing with Blade and Bullet, we now have something different in Setsuna’s past to explore, and a potential route to play up less divisive material compared to Keyaru’s own vengeance. Of course it remains to be seen just what happens with Setsuna and Keyaru’s treatment of her, but I’d say Kaiyari has given itself a bit more track to speed up before the risk of train derailment kicks into overdrive.

After all, with royalty apparently now catching onto the bait and switch, it won’t be long before the real fun and games begin in earnest.


      1. Usually these types are OVAs in Blu Ray DVDs.

        I realized there might be less kids in Japan if they are broadcasting these.

        Even if these are revenge-themed, it still shows up front 7th century slavery in color.

  1. Well, this now paint him less “Evil” then it suggested in Episode 02.

    But i still do not understand how they threaten him like Trash. Was it is status? He was just an commoner and they are Nobility?

    The “Trigger” in how they start to thread him like that is interesting to understand. But until now it is just an given fact. Also, it do not help only focusing on him. No others are see being threaten like him except the Beastman Slaves now

    Perhaps the Manga (i do not know it) do not have Background world build up? or they cut to many crucial stuff in the Anime

    As i wrote, had Episode 03 and Episode 02 been swapped out and made changed here and there to fix the flow, it would be an totally other story. Still not “Angel” like, but more reasonable

    1. I think in my opinion:
      1.) Flare probably just hates cowards + commoner base on episode 1 & 2. she gets turned on when she tortures this kind of people I guess.
      2.) Blade might have just a thing for Flare I guess. Plus she might be jealous of Keyaru.
      3.) As for Bullet….I don’t know. I think he just has a hard fetish for the likes of Keyaru.

      It just goes to say that the world in this story is f*ck up.

    2. “But i still do not understand how they threaten him like Trash. Was it is status? He was just an commoner and they are Nobility?”

      More broadly, they are just plain evil and it is in their nature to act like that, and not just to the MC.

    3. I don’t think they really cut out anything important, but Flare is self-centered and thinks of herself as superior to everyone which includes the MC who is just a simple commoner, and not only that as the “healer” he had no way to really help the part other than healing.

      All of the other Heroes just saw the MC as a useful tool/slave. They are human trash disguised as heroes.

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  3. Maybe it is just an issue with adapting the source material but i am not really feeling the revenge thing here. Maybe it is something like the shield hero adaptation where the source material had naofumi more of a jerk then we got to see in the anime as they toned it down in the anime?
    Before he did a rewind of time in episode 1, he was abused for more then 6 months and once he got that magic eye he remembered everything again.. Then he endures all the abuse again while the anime makes sure we at least get a summary of all the abuse he endured. However, when we get to the revenge parts so far, it just feels lackluster in comparison. And a lackluster revenge is kinda boring honestly.

  4. Now I see, I got it all wrong.
    So there IS a younger sister, after all. What I got wrong at the beginning was assuming that he was going to kidnap the younger sister, while in fact it’s the other way around with the older sister his brainwashed slave and the younger one probably yet another sadistic princess to deal with. Hopefully, she gives him a good fight, as unlikely as that looks going from the ED.
    I actually read a bit from the translated web novel (no translation for the LN though as Yen Press seemingly refused to publish) and it contains a bit about how he makes monster meat edible. It also goes more into detail why he chose a female slave, though they might explain that in the next episode…

  5. Welp, there it is… Bullet going full-on Donovan on (a drug-addled and bruised) Keyaru in the old timeline. Certainly wasn’t looking forward to that scene, but the previous episodes (and the manga) already gave a pretty good indication that sodomy is one of the many nasty things Keyaru had to endure. (Though what went down in this episode seems like standard fare for some of the more…f**ked-up H-works out there.)

    Anyway, read a few more chapters of the manga and I now have a better understanding of Keyaru’s…”endgame plans” for Flare about her original memories/personality possibly resurfacing. It also answered the question I had regarding Kureha as well, so I’m now interested to see how the anime adapts that chapter where she reappears. (Though that might take a while considering the current focus on Setsuna.)

    As for that stinger, Leonard being turned into Keyaru’s former, weak self… (How’d ya like them apples, ya bastard?)

    OT: “If watching the collective head of Wall Street lose its mind over Reddit tendies and Gamestop memes wasn’t controversy enough for a Wednesday…”
    Is that about r/wallstreetbets’ GameStop short squeeze? Also, I read a similar thing is happening to AMC Theatres.

  6. The last Lines of him revelead the secret why he bought her. Well, our MC is not an Samarita. others would at last heal the others or try to get them free.. But this is not the others, this is His Show.

    Back to topic. So he buy here to see why will happen when she got her Revenage, will she then be empty?

    Goblin Slayer devoted his being to kill all Goblins. With many of them his Lifespan is lager, because our MC here has show us his targets. He is curios to know what comes after he get his revenge

    Oh well… Lets see. As if you take the Shield Hero and exchange his drive with sexual abuse revange. Lets see, lets see

    Now, please. Show us your strengths dear Anime. You background story time is over except about Princess Norn


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