「回復術士は、セツナを手に入れる!」 (Kaifuku Jutsushi wa, Setsuna o Te ni Ireru!)
“The Healer Acquires Setsuna!”

At this point I think we’ve got the gist of weekly Kaiyari: revenge. And not just any revenge. All the revenge. What, already explicitly stated at the beginning of the series? Nawh, that was just the allure of revenge, see now we’re getting into the technical details, and those details are huge. Worried about the concept of revenge losing its luster after knocking off a few peeps? No need to worry, we’re crushing countries now.

After seeing the provocative aspects of Keyaru putting Flare in her place, the results of recruiting Setsuna were downright tame. Yeah, we got the full array of sexual exploration as is wont of our healing hero these days (nothing says fantasy PG13 like invisible blowjobs), but you know it could’ve been more, erm, in depth than the array of techniques on display. Although given it was all made up with Setsuna growing her strength through the literal consumption of sperm tells me Kaiyari has plenty of areas left to trawl for further shock and awe. After all, we haven’t seen how that healing prowess handles the finicky issues of baby making and maternal instinct just yet.

As for the immediate future, well, that has been fully answered now too. While I’m still inclined to doubt just how long Kaiyari can keep the revenge scheme interesting, upping the ante and aiming to destroy the entire kingdom is one way to ensure curiosity outweighs any immediate sense of boredom. It’s pretty obvious for example both the Sword and Cannon heroes are going to be offed sooner rather than later (or at least have a serious attempt made on them), while Keyaru’s current targeting by the royal family hints towards trouble and undesirable situations in the not too distant future. I don’t expect any of this to prove a major problem for Keyaru of course (not with abilities this ludicrous), but as a way of keeping this train brazenly riding as fast and as close to the cliff as possible for the shits and giggles? Oh yes, I expect plenty of increasingly insane carnage to grace our screens going forward.

Keyaru may have now settled on his path forward and gained some followers to boot, but the real fun and games have yet to truly begin.

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    1. For that to happen, a publisher would have to pick them up outside of japan. And maybe i am just behind on this, but didn’t all of them refuse to publish it for its contents?

  1. We actually got an episode where they didn’t focus so much on the abuse part? I am pleasantly suprised as we got more time for the revenge part as well as the reward 😀
    Granted, felt a bit rushed in the taming, but i’ll give them a pass at that this time.
    There is 1 thing i am wondering though and that is related to his healing power. If his healing is supposedly giving him all the pain that the healed person experienced ( or something along that line for why he refused to heal ) then how is he healing now without getting all that pain and anguish?

    1. I think he’s still healing while getting the pain and anguish, just not outwardly showing the effects. Just remember Keyaru’s second second encounter with Flare – i.e. after rewinding time – he acted out the agony of his first heal for the sake of drawing her in. I would imagine he’s pretty well desensitized to the effects of his healing by now.

  2. There’s an episode of the ambiguously gay duo, where they go their hideout and there’s a long thick glowing pink crystal, and Ace keeps telling Gary, don’t be scared, don’t think, just reach out at grab it.

    I swear this show in unintentional comedy at its finest lol

    1. It is just like pancakes said, the puns ( and jokes if i may add ) do write themselves when talking about this series.
      I even heard some unintentional jokes from someone who reviewed episodes with a video instead. Something along the lines of “If you’ve been following along with this series so far, you know what is coming next” which sounded like cumming next instead of coming next thanks to their accent.

      1. For English in general coming and cumming are actually pronounced the same so it’s a matter of knowing the tone and basis of the conversation to elucidate which is being used. Which yields comedy like this when both words are legitimately applicable 😛

        1. I never noticed that they are pronounced the same before actually….
          While i know californians have a bit of an accent in that, i never noticed that with other states or england from what i remember.

          1. Yeah it might be an accent thing after digging a bit. I live my life around Midwest American accents where there is no audible difference between the words so that certainly affects my line of thought!

            Hell online dictionaries even feature both pronunciations so I think we’re both right XD

      1. Which is why i was suprised that erosxeros show wasn’t under your banner. From what i read, it should be one of those shows where the jokes write themselves.

        But it is indeed a shame that we don’t get many shows like this. More people would be able to joke without even noticing it if we did get them

        1. Humour is always just one part of the whole, I have to like more than that before I seriously consider blogging it. In Eros’ case I simply wasn’t a fan of the material and chose to pass it by.

          Personally I also don’t think it’s bad we don’t get more shows like more often. Too much of something always yields boredom sooner than later – just need to look at isekai to see how that style of quantity works in practice.

  3. Going to comment about a technicality here. Aren’t his body fluids meant to increase the limit/level cap? How come she ends up feeling stronger?

    Of course if the act itself is giving experience, I’d think the most efficient way of a good looking person to gain levels would be through prostitution. XD

    1. I think his Omnipotent Heal skill here is the key factor, while he is doing it with her. He want to forceful power level her with his Sex

      I other words, she is his plaything for experiments

      in my eyes, ones of the reason why i drop it

    2. With the limit removed or put at a higher cap, she might just be describing it like that?
      Maybe weird example, but think of it as living your daily life with weightened clothes that are adjusted from a distance so that it will always feel like you can barely move . No matter how much you train in that case, it’ll always feel like you don’t improve at all. The moment you either remove the limit or just put it at a higher level, it will feel a lot lighter straight away, which will make you feel stronger as the weighted clothing isn’t as heavy anymore compared to before breaking the limit. Wouldn’t suprise me if they went with that logic.


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