OP8 Sequence

OP8: 「No.1」 by DISH//

「全員出動!1年A組」 (Zen’in Shutsudou! Ichi-Nen Ei-Gumi)
“All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A”

Wait a moment. That isn’t Stilts. Well, you’d be right. But have no fear! Because Zaiden is here.

Minor Recap of S4’s Ending

Corny introductions aside, it feels great to see Boku no Hero Academia return. Just in time to fill up the shounen sized hole Jujutsu Kaisen has left behind in our hearts. And we kick off with a very brief recap covering the end of S4’s fight between Endeavour and Nomu. For all his faults regarding issues in his personal life, we know Endeavour’s worked ridiculously hard for this moment and can be reliably counted to uphold the justice with a great sense of responsibility as well as razor sharp dedication.

There’s no two questions. Endeavour’s proven himself and for me, the World now has a new No.1 hero in town. It will be a heavy legacy for Endeavour to carry. But I’m confident he’s ready. And although Shouto carries a lot of emotional baggage regarding his father, it made me happy to see how he’s come along on the road of forgiving his father in some ways, by acknowledging his impressive feats in protecting the city as something to be proud about.

Filler: Class 1-A’s Emergency Drill

That aside, filler time. Class 1-A are put through an emergency training exercise. To begin with their coordination is pretty scattered. However, they quickly divide up into regimented teams to tackle the three issues. 1. Mirio playing the role of drowning citizen. 2. A bomb going off in the city. 3. Being held up by two supervillains in the form of Hadou (holy smokes, that pout game) and Amajiki (who
just wants to go home but feels a deep responsibility in helping raise the next crop of aspiring heroes). So obviously not the most accurate simulation. But nevertheless they must tackle all three issues at once, or they will fail the emergency drill. Todoroki runs overtime assisting two of these tasks by freezing over the city area to mitigate the explosion damage, before zipping along the river skating on ice to help rescue Mirio from the river after he fell in again.

This episode’s standout moment arose when Deku refused to land the finishing blow on Amajiki, despite being in prime position. Of course, we can naturally understand his perspective. It’s only a training exercise, so breaking an upperclassman’s ribs seems pretty steep. However, it’s meant to simulate the real thing. From Amajiki’s perspective, this little squirt pulling back punches would be an arrogant move that wounds his pride.

Also, it’s not like Deku has ever held back like this before. Even in other training exercises. So that’s probably my biggest gripe with the filler – that it seems to try and set up a character development arc for Deku. Only the plot device itself falls flat on its face, because well, it’s not consistent with what Deku’s demonstrated throughout this series. Good thing we can write off this moment as filler which doesn’t provide a definitive addition to Deku’s characterisation. At least Bakugo maintained some semblance of his personality – not holding back the punches and lighting up Amajiki, who’s probably going to be joining Endeavour at the hospital.

Concluding Thoughts

Back to the main story, in the epilogue (make sure to check that out after the post-credits!) it seems like suspicious stuff is going on between Dabi and Hawks. Seeing them meet up at a reclusive location while Endeavour is stuck in hospital definitely reeks of betrayal. That said, I don’t expect it to be because that’d be way too predictable. So we’ll see. Only actually, I do know and I’m trying to pretend I don’t know. Which is hard. But whatever. You’ll just have to trust I won’t mess up. To be honest, I’m just excited to see Boku no Hero Academia back. Although I had some Bones to pick as there were some worrying signs concerning animation quality, I’m hopeful this is just Bones chilling over filler material (especially since they don’t have manga panels to directly storyboard from) and they’ll commit more resources to animating the mainline story.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!



ED9 Sequence

ED9: 「足跡」 (Ashiato) by the peggies


  1. Considering what the upcoming arc will be about, it was actually a smart move to remind us of the quirks class 1-A have, especially when you think about how long it’s been since the last season, and probably even longer than that when you think about how often we see all of their quirks in one arc.

    But beyond that, it was just a typical filler, so the real magic starts with the subsequent episodes I bet.

    The OP is real nice!

    And finally, Mirio voluntarily falling back into the water was such a troll move XD
    That one shot of only his face floating above the water while spinning looked straight out of Cuphead. Might have even been a shout-out.

    Thank you Zaiden for covering this episode. If anyone can cover this season after Stilts, my hopes are for you personally. But it’s also up to you of course.

    1. Here is the thing. If they wanted to recap, make an OVA. Do not start S5 with 80% filler no one cares about. Better yet, fans can just watch S1 to 4 and remind themselves. Considering what happens to Endeavor after the hood fight in the manga, seeing it mostly glossed over in Ep 1 of S5 is rather annoying. I know it will be in ep 2 but it should have been adapted in ep 1. Much better to kick off S5 than annoying ass filler.

      Tayo Jones
      1. Besides the obvious point that not all fans will be able to dedicate time to rewatching the entire thing before S5, my bet is that this whole recap/filler-season-start trend is a pacing strategy to make sure the season ends in the most comfortable spot in the manga’s story.

        Let’s think about what would’ve happened if Bones never followed this strategy in the first place. It started with S2, and that season ended with Shigaraki realizing that All Might is the reason behind society’s status quo that he so loathes, and that if he’s removed, it would also be removed. Without that pacing strategy, the anime would’ve jumped straight into the first episode of the forest training camp arc, which would’ve been an awkward place to end the second season. Same thing with S3, except now its end would’ve jumped 2 episodes further into season 4 with the Shie Hassaikai arc, also a rather awkward place to end season 3, and so on.

        I could be wrong, but I don’t think any anime studio controls how many episodes it receives to produce any anime, so that likely played a roll in this as well.

        Furthermore, this isn’t One Piece where one manga chapter’s content is stretched too thin to make up one anime episode, making a single One Piece episode feel hollow in terms of content more often than not, all for the purpose of preserving the manga’s lead in terms of content. My Hero Academia as a whole deserves better than that treatment, and so far Bones’ pacing of its anime is impeccable thanks to likely this strategy and also the seasons format. As Stilts would attest through his posts, episodes outside the fillers rarely felt hollow if at all, and the fillers aren’t that many. Alternatively, if fillers were still necessary but harmful at the start of the season, making the final episode of a season filler would’ve been even more badly received.

        Quite honestly, this benefits more than it hurts, if it even hurts at all.

    2. Thanks yoloalchemist. I was rather hesitant to pick up BnHA. My final year university exams took me off Boruto for many weeks to the point where I struggled to find the willpower to write a huge catchup post. Because that’s the thing with long running shounen. It’s a commitment which isn’t very flexible or forgiving to extenuating developments in life. However I wanted to carry on Stilts legacy. So I hope to see BnHA through.

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