「回復術士は、新たなる旅に出る!」 (Kaifuku Jutsushi wa, Arata Naru Tabi ni Deru!)
“The Healer Starts a New Journey!”

Alright Kaiyari, you got me, I did not see that coming. Literally. Sure, Norn was always going to get the healing shaft in the final moments of this wild ride – but don’t deny, I wager few saw it arriving alongside big sister climaxes and happy ever afters that is likely to even leave the stereotypical Alabaman blushing like an angel. Laugh, cry, get increasingly hot and bothered? I think all are legitimate responses to the note this show left on as, and while we are unlikely to see that revenge against Bullet in animated form, something tells me imagination will more than fill in the blanks. After all, as Kaiyari has shown, there’s no limits to just what’s possible here. Anyway, onto those impressions.

Final Impressions

I’ll be blunt: Kaiyari is shit. And not the good shit either. Regardless of the fun I had covering it this show makes the play for possibly the most simplistic and divisive power trip in current anime, taking the concepts many fans love to debate (read: fling holy hell at each other over) and cranking them to eleven. Or in other words, veritable hentai without the really juicy bits. And yet with that said I still enjoyed watching because Kaiyari also has an undercurrent often lost among similar contemporaries: a sense of fun.

At its core Kaiyari’s main fault is arguably the sex. Everything in some capacity revolved around this, whether setting up the reasons behind Keyaru’s pursuit of revenge or Keyaru similarity exacting his vendetta against the various antagonists – i.e. what you normally expect from typical edgy power trips (as sex is one of the psychologically strongest ways to assert dominance). The issue is that this extended beyond the usual titillations into weekly orgies seemingly just for the sake of orgies. Sure, watching Flare and Setsuna get pounded senseless is exhilarating, but do we really need it every week? Is it necessary to have tsundere demon birb girl masturbate every episode? This was time spent that arguably could have been used fleshing out Keyaru’s various revenge schemes and reinforcing (or reveling) in the actual thing we are all supposedly here to see in the first place. And considering how much of that aforementioned revenge revolved around sex in the first place, I don’t think many would’ve found much fault in exploring it in greater detail.

Such lascivious excesses though coincidentally highlight Kaiyari’s strength in terms of imagination. While revenge stories are inherently simplistic at heart and naturally endowed with an expiration date (as even Keyaru himself occasionally hints towards), this one was undeniably helped through sheer variety of outcomes. Torture; rape; literal mindfucking: the usual setups one expects from such material had some quite honestly shocking script flips at times courtesy of utilizing anything and everything to break from the pack. And everything means everything – not that many series willing to exact revenge by having one sister rape the other after all. While this diversity doesn’t inherently lift Kaiyari out of the gutter and into acceptable territory (or lend to it having enough staying power for another full season), it does prevent the show from treading too much water. Provided you like the material and prefer your fantasy edgy I’d argue there’s little risk of growing bored when giving this one a watch.

In the end, however, Kaiyari isn’t as likely to be remembered over the scenes it featured or type of story it presented as much as the precedent it sets for future anime adaptations. If Shield Hero opened the door and Ishuzoku Reviewers widened the passageway, Kaiyari blew apart the entire wall and left serious room for series of comparable narrative and visual inclinations to see the light of day. It may not be next season or even next year, but it won’t be that long before a similar series pops up on radar, and when it does Kaiyari can be thanked for helping show the way.


  1. It was an sex anime of the season, last time this year we had Interspecies Reviewers, i like that one more, despite it having absolutely zero plot compared to this. Obviously we will never get season 2.

  2. I agree it was trash fun. But a bit too in the middle in regards to not being a hentai nor a regular anime.

    Reading the manga took out the novelty, though I’ll say the anime did the action scenes better by conveying a sense of place since in the manga it frequently lacks detail in the backgrounds so a lot things feel like a fever dream.

    What stuck out to me was trying to add “depth” to the MC by having him interact throughout several episodes with a merchant. Just to have some sort of emotional scene during the genocide.

    I wish there were more stakes during the fights. I think one way other revenge stories do this is by having the focus on the characters that are getting it, since then there’s some sort of struggle I didn’t felt, since we know the MC will cheat and use instant killing moves to get his way.

    I mean I wasn’t expecting Gankustsuou with this, but I thought it still went too fast. (In every sense). (Although perhaps that’s also why it wasn’t that boring).

    I do wonder what’ll Keyaru do to Bullet. Age regression? Mutilation of every limb? Another gender change? I’m a bit surprised the whole revenge wasn’t done considering how fast he went his way about it. It kinda makes it feel like it’ll not have anything else to it’s premise after it’s complete. Unless it retroactively it adds more flashbacks.

  3. I actually enjoyed this show more then i thought i would, I do wonder though, would it be more merciful to suffer a slow and painful death or get a mindwipe from keyaru?

  4. Not like Keyaru could have expected his mechant friend to be in danger and warn/save him, right? Right. *eye rolling*
    And didn’t he swear that he would kill Norn? Not like anyone expected that to happen considering that she’s featured in the ending, and well, she’s cute lol. Though from the scene with her sister alone it wasn’t even clear to me whether he actually did anything to her apart from a bit of humiliation.

    Anyways, all I’m saying is that both plot and dialogues are dumb, but yeah, nothing new. But that’s not why I watched this, so would I be up for more? Yes. 😀

  5. The show is biased towards the sisters. 2nd sister gets second best revenge scene, while the 1st sister still keeps the top spot.

    As someone who watches hentai for both the plot and the PLOT, I think this hentai has better plot than most. The sad thing is, I’ve seen hentai that has better execution of the plot. Though I have to admit, haven’t seen one in a while.

    I agree that this has too many sex scenes. They tend to take away too much from the actual plot. Several are essential, but a lot of them are just there for fan service. It’s also the reason I really consider this to be hentai, while giving Ishuzoku Reviewers a slight pass. One is an anime about prostitution where the scenes are usually essential and sometimes provide no titillation (egg laying crocodiles?), on the other hand this one has them as frivolous excess.

    There are a few good points, the animation can be great at times. The non-sex ones are definitely better than most hentai. Voice acting was also quite good. I like how I can tell the difference between Flare and Freia just like Norn and how maniacal Keyaru sounds at times.

  6. It’s hard to be an empathic person (or someone who just wants to live in peace) in a world full of vile people. Whatever empathy one has for other people easily disappears in such a world, to the point that destruction on those that make the world worse feels like a welcome release.

    That’s the general gist I had watching Kaiyari (no doubt influenced by a downright misanthropic view of humanity–to the point that my empathy only extends to those who still care for the downtrodden and those who have retained common sense in a world aiming for stupid/aiming to become the biggest, richest douchebags). Hell, Keyaru could do to the Gioral Kingdom the fantasy equivalent of what Johnny Silverhand did to the Arasaka Tower in the first flashback mission of Cyberpunk 2077 and I’d still cheer for him.

    Random thoughts:
    – Shame Keyaru failed to obtain the abilities of “Hawkeye.” But yeah, it’s better to be a combat pragmatist in that case.
    Flare’s “heart-eyes”… XD Couldn’t help but chuckle since I’ve seen more than enough of that from the usual H-works (and sometimes from a certain “Horny Senchou“) that I can’t take it seriously anymore.
    Good to see Kureha back for the (orgiastic) finale. I still gotta admire Eve for resisting the temptation to jump on Keyaru’s d**kbecome Keyaru’s haremette–even if it is hard to resist “the urge” when seeing the other girls do it with Keyaru.
    – I’d probably still check the manga version from time to time for the revenge on Bullet since a second season feels uncertain at this point. (Unless they prematurely end the manga too.) Personally, I wouldn’t mind Bullet being turned into “Fidel Castrato”, but I’m fairly certain the original author of the LN can do better than that.

    “If Shield Hero opened the door and Ishuzoku Reviewers widened the passageway, Kaiyari blew apart the entire wall and left serious room for series of comparable narrative and visual inclinations to see the light of day. It may not be next season or even next year, but it won’t be that long before a similar series pops up on radar, and when it does Kaiyari can be thanked for helping show the way.”

    What wall? The remains that weren’t already smashed by Ishuzoku Reviewers?

    Well, if those weren’t enough, there’s the upcoming anime adaptation of Shuumatsu no Harem / World End Harem. Plus there’s stuff like Parallel Paradise, Himekishi ga Classmate, and closer to Kaiyari‘s edgy revenge plot, Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa and Nidome no Yuusha. I’d also consider I Love Yu!, but that’s mostly romcom with “trashy, borderline, can’t believe it’s not H” situations. Ditto Tenpuru / Temple.

    I already expected Kaiyari to be trashy AF (it’s basically an H-doujin plot given the green light as a series) and offend some sensibilities, and it certainly delivered on both fronts. But at this point, perhaps it’s time to have some actually good (if not great) stuff** like that second season of Shield Hero or animated conclusions to some favorite series (since it’ll be a while before Re:Zero gets green-lit for a new season).

    (**Read: Anything that restores some humanity/heals the soul, encourages deep thinking, or encourages a more active imagination. Or anything that combines those three with the ecchi guilty pleasure/fanservice, I dunno.)


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