「激突!A組VSB組」 (Gekitotsu! Ee-gumi Bāsasu Bii-gumi)
“Clash! Class A vs. Class B!”

The Vestiges of One For All

Anyone else in agreement that Nana Shimura looks smoking hot? She’s truly testing my resolve towards Tsuyu’s assets. Now we’ve got that out of the way, Deku perceives the vestiges of One for All in his dreams. He perceives the recognizable silhouettes of multiple predecessors, with two of them blanked out. What does this suggest?

To me, it indicates that he has yet to unlock their legacy or recollections. At least something along those lines. I’m sure he’ll eventually unlock them. That seems to be the implication of his conversation with the originator of One For All, that he’ll get around to showing more.

This is presumably for Deku’s safety too seeing how his body becomes strained. So once Deku’s body gets accustomed to higher percentage values of OFA, he should gain access to these unlocked secrets. But neither Nana or All Might seemed to know what was going on here. And they had a collective lifetime possessing One For All.

Which begs the question – why does Deku specifically trigger this never seen before outcome? It’s definitely special, since it allowed Deku to overcome Shinso’s brainwashing. We know too little at this point to assess just how far the vestiges of One For All will buff Deku, beyond immunity to psychological attacks. But I look forwards to seeing whether it’s more than just that.

Class 1-B Challenges

The underdog class strive to undermine the established elite. This reminds me of secondary school Maths class. I got sorted into the top Maths set alongside other folks. But people in the top Maths set grew complacent, while people in the next highest Maths set worked hard and bridged the gap over a two year period. When there’s a target you can work towards, it becomes a lot easier to improve.

From what I understand the teachers reckon 1-B have got a lot of tenacity plus consistency going for them. Whereas 1-A have higher peaks and lower lows, but also those moments of sheer magic, because they haven’t had the time to stay in Class and properly train in the orthodox ways of approaching situations.

Shinso demonstrates a new trick, utilising a vocal synthesizer that can trick people into giving him responses. This completely changes the dynamic of the upcoming fight. Where the 1-B squad initially had an upper hand, completely predicting how 1-A’s squad would try to ambush Ibara, incapacitating Tsuyu and Koji while forcing Denki into a situation where he can’t use his ability, Shinso turns the tides by brainwashing Jurota through clever trickery.

If you ask me, 5v4 isn’t very fair. If this was a straight up 4v4, Class 1-B’s crew would have wiped the floor. I guess this was Horikoshi deciding he’d showcase how awesome Shinso is, saving all these helpless characters who we know are strong and have come to love. Well, yeah. He may seem like a villain. But I’ve always felt this way ever since he demonstrated unbreakable conviction in his fight against Deku: Shinso is pretty damn awesome.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss this week. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. I was under the impression that the one thing the entire Hero Academia can agree on, is that Nana Shimura is indeed smoking hot XD

    But yeah, it’s gonna get very interesting real fast once Deku hits the field in the next episode or 2.

  2. I feel sorry for All Might. He’s out of his depth trying to be a good mentor for Deku when the latter has gained a level in One For All that Toshinori never was familiar with. He almost doesn’t know how to guide him, and I can’t blame him for it.

    It’s only natural that 1-A would experience this kind of hardship against 1-B because, let’s face it, outside of Deku and maaaaaaybe a few others, they never bothered to look at them as rivals and properly study them. And honestly, why would they? They already had their hands full with fighting real life-or-death threats out there, although that’s no excuse either (I remember reading somewhere that some manga readers rooted for 1-B precisely for this reason). It’s an interesting showcase of Shinso’s new abilities, but I think it’ll be even more interesting to see how the other 1-A students learn not to underestimate 1-B without him. This first match, win or lose, ought to snap them out of it.

      1. Then again, 1-B themselves also fought against real criminals. Did that stop them from studying 1-A? Also, Deku and a few others keep an eye out on such things, so why not the rest of them. Granted, it’s not realistic all the time because sometimes you’ll encounter enemies you won’t know anything about, but knowledge is half the battle; use it whenever you gain it, and gain it whenever you can. None of these guys are prime All Might and they will never be, and 1-B so far seems to acknowledge that.

        The truth is, 1-A has always known they had a rivalry with 1-B. The School Festival arc proved as such. But because they were forced to concern themselves with real villains more often than the norm for any hero course, that rivalry fell back on the back burner. Is it wrong? Should they be blamed? Of course not. They were doing what they felt was right given their position. But it’s also not consistent, because whereas some of them took that experience head-on as their source of growth (in terms of taking initiative at least for most of them), others did not because they chose to follow the rules (referring to the end of the Training Camp arc). This is simply the consequence of such circumstances and choices, and 1-A should learn from it on their path to becoming pro heroes. The growth of 1-B, on the other hand, has been consistent across more areas than 1-A, judging by their first team displaying such effective tactics that could only have resulted from studying their opponents. Because unlike 1-A, 1-B has taken their rivalry against 1-A as their primary source of growth in terms of being proper pro heroes.

        Win or lose though, I’m rooting for 1-A anyway, because this should serve as a source of growth for them that they never considered before.

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