「第3試合」 (Dai San Shiai)
“Match 3”

Endeavour’s New Leaf

For me, it feels weird seeing Endeavour behaving like a doting father, given what we know of his track record as a neglectful, abusive scumbag. And I don’t think I can really comment on Todoroki’s situation or speak for his mind. However, I definitely think it’s worth appreciating that Endeavour is trying to turn over a new leaf, as opposed to writing off his efforts to become a changed man.

For example, I’m pretty sure the old Endeavour would absolutely conflagrate any fool with wheels for limbs who thought his quirk could somehow keep up with his. Especially when said villain was thinking of running over some young boys or taking them hostage, which no doubt triggered Endeavour’s paternal instincts. Fortunately for our villain on wheels, Endeavour was feeling merciful, meaning it’s only a trip to jail for him instead of permanent first degree burns and potentially being crippled. To surmise, while I believe Endeavour should remain accountable for his past sins and though it’s completely down to his children to decide whether they forgive him or not, it’s still worth acknowledging his efforts to grow as a person.

Being merciful like his father, Todoroki also didn’t finish off Class 1-B in a matter of seconds despite the fact he could have with a mere finger waggle. Of course, Juzo points out that it would have been over had Todoroki used his flame abilities. However, seems like he didn’t want to injure anybody. So that leaves a massive opening 1-B could exploit – softening the surrounding metal and ice, so that they could craft the training terrain in their advantage. But if we agree that the purpose of this training camp is to simulate what heroes might expect from working to contain villains, does it offer a proper representation of that scenario?

Not All About ‘Winning’

To be honest, while I’m impressed with 1-B’s continued ingenuity of innovating around their more limited quirks, I definitely think 1-A could definitely have done more homework. e.g. the way Deku is taking down notes – to figure out the potential strategies 1-B could try to use against them. Excluding trump cards that have intentionally been hidden, everything is in the realm of public knowledge. That said, I can appreciate in a battle against unknown villains, heroes aren’t going to always know what they’re going up against. And from Todoroki’s end, it makes sense to hold back on conjuring an inferno, in case the villains have taken a hostage amongst themselves.

But back to the nature of this training assessment, due to the public nature of their role, it’s very probable the villain will typically know way more about them. There’s no way people from 1-B would have the chance to thoroughly research and formulate strategies to comprehensively shut down villains. So from that perspective, I would say that 1-A are getting more mileage out of the joint training if we’re talking about handling unknown variables and fighting at an information disadvantage.

Plus in the real world, if a villain possessed Todoroki’s powers, they would never ever go easy and refuse to use flames like he did. This is shounen, fans will invariably focus on hype matchups. Yet I dislike how winning is being made out to be the ultimate goal by teachers like Vlad, when training to be a hero and fighting villains is so much more than that. So for this specific 1-B team, even if they were to win on paper, I think they’d come out as losers overall because I don’t believe the training assessment offers realistic experience that matches what they would expect out of a real world situation. Am I being too harsh discrediting 1-B’s efforts? Probably. These kids are trying their absolute best and I understand they need to work with what they have. I guess I’m trying to say it’s not their fault. Rather, the system itself – way the teachers have set up this joint training arc, is somewhat flawed.

Passing On a Heroic Legacy

Outside of Todoroki’s ice abilities being countered, Tenya inheriting his older brother’s legacy formed the focal point of this episode. Now that Tensei is no longer able to stand up, his hero days are categorically over. So he passes down the family secret to Tenya – that removing their existing engines and training extremely hard will cause new, stronger engines to grow in their place. I felt extremely bad for Tenya when he was instantly caught down by the softness quirk, because it looked like he’d been so easily dispatched after having an emphatic flashback to how he wanted to carry the title of Ingenium with pride to honour his brother. Fortunately, he uses his new turbo engines to blast out of the ice – showing that while 1-B might have started off with a huge upper hand, 1-A cannot be considered out for the count and they’ll be obliged to punch back at full capacity.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. Is the principal watching these training matches? Because if he is, you’d think he’d consider putting Vlad on suspension or something for his near utter unprofessionalism. I mean, I know Horikoshi-sensei must’ve thought that the only way Vlad would be remembered as a character going forward is to have him comically inherit the stupid and rude bias Monoma has against 1-A, but as you said, these matches are training matches to make the students into better future hopefuls, not a contest to see who’s better between the two classes. Not even his warning for his class to keep damage to a minimum helps to alleviate that when Tetsutetsu clearly doesn’t listen to instructions and does his own thing, meaning Vlad didn’t necessarily keep his class in check like Eraser did his. Thank goodness most of 1-B’s students have better heads on their shoulders than their sensei. The story doesn’t need a class full of Monomas taught by a Monoma.

    And yeah, the Endeavor thing will have to be a waiting game at this point. The story acknowledges how awful he is as a father, but as far comeuppance goes, he hasn’t received any. Although it’s ironic, but also sensible, that it took All Might being forced into early retirement for Endeavor to change his ways. I guess, even if society will have to deal with the near entirely bad consequences of that retirement, there’s still a silver lining in it.

      1. This. The MHA wiki lists Vlad’s debut at the USJ arc, which was the first season’s finale arc. Even the freakin’ PRINCIPAL got in on the fun SMH. I love MHA with all my heart, but I guess now I can finally say Horikoshi-sensei didn’t think this one through.

  2. These episodes are slowly starting to annoy me, and it’s actually hurting my enjoyment of what little content we’re actually getting. I feel like I’m watching Naruto Shippuuden here, and I mean that in the worst way possible. There is so much filler; between the intro, then the OP, then the constant flashbacks, we’re lucky to get 10-15 minutes of actual content per 24 minute episode. Luckily I’m at least watching this in a way that I can skip a bit forward whenever they do this, and breeze through what little they give us in about 10 minutes. Really hoping this doesn’t last and they start giving us more content per episode soon, cause this sucks.

    1. This arc is not filler. It is meant to highlight how far the students have come since S1 and highlight Class 1B. That is the problem with you modern shonen fan boys. Very little patience. Why not just enjoy the ride?

      Tayo Jones
      1. Lol, I never called this arc filler. I called all the constant flashbacks filler. The problem isn’t the content, it’s the anime determination to cover as little content per episode as possible.

      2. It might as well be filler since it is yet another (bland) training arc in a series full of training arcs. Whether you agree or not, a lot of people agree that these episodes have been a slog to get through. Class B is getting a whole lot of screen time for a group that will no doubt have very little presence going forward. Class A could have shown off a bunch of these new abilities in actual main story/villain encounters.

        Only reason I haven’t dropped it is because I hear the next arc is considered the best in the manga.


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