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OP2: 「銀世界」 (Ginsekai) by (Burnout Syndromes)


「原郷」 (Genkyō)

This week’s episode has things moving at a faster pace, and many of the show’s strong points I’ve previously mentioned have stood firm for another week. Again, older characters are showing alot of relevance to the plot, and new characters are smoothly transitioning into the story to keep it all moving in a forwards direction. Not only that, many of the main cast went through some pivotal moments of character development, which added spice to the episode. Let’s take a closer look at how this was done:

Wakana Sawamura’s Visit

Once again, our wise old onii-chan has made his episodic return to guide Setsu on the right path, this time in person. Not only is Wakana remaining relevant as a character, but his inputs into the plot are literally changing the course of the story. Not only did he enlighten Setsu on the importance of an audience, but also convinced him to enter the individual contest for the shamisen competition. Wisdom, experience and brotherly bonds are all expressed strongly throughout this series, and Wakana Sawamura is playing a pivotal role in passing down the torch of grandpa Matsugorou‘s sound.

Kaito’s Outburst

The solidification of older characters into the plot is not exclusive to Wakana alone, and this episode showed that through Kaito’s emotional outburst which led to a deeper understanding of his character, which once again led Setsu to a path of growth. The impact of Kaito’s actions is what made Setsu rethink how he should use his talents, after realising someone as passionate as Kaito lost his chance at soccer success. Indeed, Setsu and Kaito’s bond grew stronger from this, as Setsu began putting his talent to good use by re-engineering a few things with the team, for starters, switching Rai and Kaito’s shamisens to get the best sound out of both of them.

Hiroshi Odawara’s Debut

The introduction of Hiroshi Odawara (Kyouya Kimura) is essentially what gave life to this episode. The entire scenery and atmosphere was changed once again as the gang moved down to Setsu’s home town Aomori to take part in Hiroshi’s training camp. Yet another example of how this series is maintaining the ever-changing episodic nature of the plot without losing the original story line. Bonds start to develop and friendships grow stronger, and all of this was made possible through the introduction of Hiroshi Odawara, a character I feel will have more screentime and more relevance as the series moves forward.

The Key World-Building Character

All in all, another solid episode from a solid series. Something I never thought this series would be able to accomplish so well is the world-building. We are seeing how characters from different walks of life interact with one another, and how people’s actions intertwine into the plot to navigate the direction of the story line. A classic example are the actions of Umeko Sawamura, who is constantly making grand things happen which are driving the plot as well as the character development of Setsu and the rest of the cast. Her actions are what initially lays down the platform to which our characters will strive to compete on this epic journey of shamisen perfection.

Looking forward to the Matsugorou Cup!


  1. Ep 07:

    – after i hear and saw the last seconds of Episode 07, i turn my face away and began my walk away. This social Egoistic Trip is killing it for me. Sorry, like i said, perhaps this “i am the center! do not drag me down!” Habit is to much to bearing for me. Music are super, but social is a wreck

    Good luck and i hope this Group around our MC will fail, because of this egoist

    It was all good, until the last seconds crushed all the build up. The Mask is down

      1. I understand where you’re coming from tbh. But i do think the ending of episode 7 foreshadowed this problem with Yui’s look of concern/sadness, like she didn’t really accept the way things were.

        On the other hand, I do think the social flaws of the anime make it more realistic, because let’s be honest, relationships are far from perfect in reality, and it makes sense that the team is trying to make things work despite Setsu’s seemingly arrogant/selfish behaviour.

        Also, I don’t think Setsu is extremely egotistical as he did say “please carry me” to his team, saying he needs them in order to perform at his best. His other pretentious comments are more to do with his immaturity and child-like mindset than him being a “bad person” in my opinion, just a misunderstood character.

        Anyway, I hope to cover this and more in my full review of ep 7, will be publishing soon! 🙂

        1. If Setu’s Team want to Win they could win when Setsu playing faster while the other 4 Still support him and then Setsu slows down again and line back into the Group

          Yes, you all know. It is called a Solo and if all of them could switch like rotating “Asking and answering” aka “Are your there?” then one answer “Yes, i am here!” with their Instruments, then i pretend that all Judges and Listeners are going crazy of Joy.. But to do it there need to be BLIND TRUST… that until now i can not see in Setu’s group. For that happen now, it is like a miracle or Deus Ex Machina

          Right now, as it is, Setu’s group will clash and crash. Because he only listen to his Brother

          In my Eyes

          1. Or Setsu’s Solo is running faster forward and asking the others “Are you with me!?” and one after another give the answer with their Instruments “Yes, i am ride behind you!”. I bet there are something similar in their Instrumentalist Speaking with each other.

            Remember the Duet with his Brother.. there was lines about “moving forward!” and such..

            That’s my help to give an Finale with a Instrument “Blast!”. But Social skills do keep up with my exceptions to pull this off


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