「第3試合決着」 (Dai San Shiai Ketchaku)
“Match 3 Conclusion”

A draw? To be honest, I hate draws. There’s no definitive winner or loser – which is the inherent beauty in competition. Who really gets excited over a draw. Nevertheless, I still thought that the actual match itself was the best so far this season. Bones evidently threw in plenty of production legwork and didn’t hold back from lighting up this episode with gorgeous sakuga.

Tetsutetsu and Todoroki Surpass Their Limits

First off, it didn’t feel like the last match where I may have taken some slight issues with the narrative approach. Both sides went all out, no abilities were implied to be underhanded and almost everyone had their moment to shine. Yes, even Ojiro – who was able to salvage one instance of getting caught in Juzo’s Mudman ability by using a tail whirl to pull himself and Shoji away from certain doom.

Tetsutetsu also happened to be a great matchup into Todoroki thanks to his intense training against heat, but he wasn’t totally impervious to Todoroki’s flames – which led to an extended battle of attrition. Although Tetsutetsu persevered and repeatedly punched Todoroki in the guts, the boy of flame and ice proves to be no slouch either, having been put through training from hell by Endeavour.

For a moment, it even looked like Todoroki’s heat was so intense that Tetsutetsu’s metallic form was becoming liquidated by the sheer heat. And it gave me some huge chills when Todoroki’s eyes lit up with a blue glow and red outline. Too bad the fight got snuffed out when it was reaching peak climax as Todoroki’s fist burns a bright and special looking flame – with Juzo taking Todoroki by surprise just as he Tetsutetsu runs out of steam, knocking him out with a falling metal pipe.

Scrambling in the Aftermath

Outside of these two focal characters, plenty of entertainingly close skirmishes took place across the map. Iida took Sen out of commission and prevented him from taking out Mashiro, as well as almost rescuing Todoroki. And his newly developed speed allows him to take out Juzo – and it looked as if victory would be apparent for Class 1-B. However, Pony quickly replies by whisking Tails Guy into a prison cell with a hefty barrage of her horn cannons. And Juzo took one heck of a last stand – softening a silo while having Tetsutestu use his final sliver of stamina to crash down on Iida and trap him under a sea of clay.

Credit to Pony though. Even if she chose to capture Todoroki, there was no way she could capture Iida too since he was trapped beneath hardened clay. In that time Shoji would have picked up Tetsutetsu and Juzo – which would have taken the score to 3-2. If I was Pony, I would have left Tetsutetsu and Juzo on top of buildings then flown Todoroki to the jail cell. Or maybe it wouldn’t have been as simple as that. If someone knows, feel free to explain in the comments.

I looked forwards to seeing Neito’s rematch with Bakugo – but alas, we don’t get to see them duke it out again. At least Tokage’s been massively hyped up, and it definitely helps that she’s cute and dummy thicc in the right areas. So hopefully she’ll put up an impressive showing… Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. Tenya really paid Shoto back for the wake up call the latter gave him back in the Stain arc, helped Shoto realize the error of his fighting methodology born of his still existing hatred of his father (which, to be fair, is very deserved, but gets in the way of his development). These two were destined to be in the same class because they can help each other grow. Granted, it was Deku who kickstarted their growth, but they advanced it with each other’s help. That’s a nice friendship they got.

    I struggle to figure out the real MVP of this whole match. Pony for her near-match-end thought process, Honenuki for his quick yet productive thinking, or Iida for being an unstoppable force? It’s funny what a match made up of uneven job classes can result in. Tentacole was about the only support member of 1-A with the rest being mainly offense, while 1-B had Honenuki, who I reckon acted as a saboteur of a sort, Tetsutetsu and drill guy being offense, and Pony being a cross between offense and support. The truth is, this match started coordinated almost across the board (simpleminded Tetsutetsu just elected to doing his own thing), then it went haywire likely because of this unevenness. No wonder it ended in a draw. That said, Pony made the most out of her quirk IMHO, so I think she gets my vote for objective MVP. But I was definitely more hyped by Iida’s developed quirk, backed by his character development. The overall result wasn’t satisfying I agree, but the conclusion, the lessons learned by everyone and their deepened relationships thereof, certainly was.

    This is the kind of episode where only TV viewing gives its sakuga justice instead of a laptop screen. This is why I’m eternally thankful for anime streaming applications on game consoles. Will watch again on my TV for sure.

  2. I can explain why Pony’s choice was the smart one, and it’s the simple knowledge of Shoji’s quirk making it too risky to leave her teammates behind.

    Even if he didn’t see where she left them, or her going to jail Todoroki without them, his quirk could have let them smell out their locations in the same manner that Shishida’s quirk does. That would have been both a bad, and incredibly stupid, choice to make since that leaves only Shoji a target for her to capture, since it may have been too hard for her to free Iida to capture him, and even if Pony did grab Shoji before time ran out after everyone else besides herself was jailed? Iida being trapped means it would have still been a draw.

    By staying in place, and avoiding a fight, she was hoping for her teammates to wake up and team up with her against Shoji. If the fight had been the real deal, leaving the two behind could have ended with her teammates dead, and her at risk of death.

    So, in the end? Waiting when the only other fighter left was unable to reach her was the smart choice.


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