「受け継ぐモノ」 (Uketsugu Mono)
“That Which Is Inherited”

One For All consists of Multiple Quirks?!?

The cat is finally out of the bag. I think every manga reader can finally remove the red tape – because we can finally talk about the fact that One For All also passes down the quirks of its previous users. Meaning Deku is actually in possession of multiple quirks. Controversial? No doubt. Personally I was not a fan of this development. That said, Horikoshi definitely planned this out very well – it’s thematically consistent with how One For All has always been described as an ability that stores and stockpiles from user to user. So I would be very reluctant to describe this as an asspull. After all nobody said quirks weren’t part of that equation too.

YoloAlchemist pointed out to me in a comment section sometime back that the story would have gotten pretty dry if it only consisted of Deku running around punching people. You know what, that comment made me change my mind – so props to you. While I wasn’t a fan in the moment of the reveal when reading the manga, as the story continued, I hadn’t thought about how many of the arcs were so brilliant precisely because Deku will be pumped up with all kinds of different skills in addition to what he already has.

With the benefit of hindsight, I’m sure most people would agree this was definitely the correct long-term approach to building the story. So at least that will be very exciting to see going forwards – as he goes through training arcs mastering these new skills and giving him new dimensions to approach fights when he faces tougher adversaries.

Why I Like The Phantom Thief

Monoma revels in playing the villain. But his heart is filled with nothing but heroic justice. We get a glimpse into his underlying thought process – where people had always accused his abilities of being more suited for villainy. Although this really bothered him, he ends up embracing this prejudice and adopts a villainous façade. For me, that makes him so underrated.

It can never be easy to take on a label people unjustifiably assign to you, despite your best intentions. He can be obnoxious. But knowing where he comes from, I reckon it makes him endearing. So for me, Neito completely rocks it – though he goes a bit too far placing Deku under mental duress which caused him to manifest and lose control of Black Whip in the first place.

Concluding Thoughts

Thanks to Uraraka and Shinso selflessly throwing themselves into danger’s way, they are able to help bring Deku to his senses. However, even after they avert disaster, the fight goes on. There’s a score to settle between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, with neither being willing to concede the slightest inch in spite of these extenuating developments with Black Whip. I’m pretty hyped to see how this final match wraps up the arc – especially since both sides have revealed their trump cards. Not to mention Deku might be too pooped to put up a fight following his ordeal with the Black Whip quirk – which could very well make this final match anyone’s game to take.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. -First things first, thank you for the mention Zaiden! Although I will have to admit, your memory must be much stronger than mine because I only vaguely remember saying that sometime in the past XD

    -What a thrilling episode! Perfectly paced, with the shocking turn being delivered in a silent manner just to let it speak for itself and emphasize how horrifying it is. Will definitely rewatch on TV. Now I wanna know who the director of this episode was.

    -A personal take on Monoma. He’s a bad person for laying all the blame of his personal blight on people that weren’t even willing to harm him in any way. However, the way his issues are presented is well written, making him a good character in his own way. Thing is, I just don’t think he’ll get very far by maintaining this obnoxious persona he’s so addicted to. Shinso relatively comes from the same background, and yet he’s very conscious of the reality that envy won’t get him anywhere, which is reflected in how he doesn’t like being lumped in the same camp as Monoma, and that respect for his cohorts (including rivals) yields better outcomes for his future outlook than disdain and arrogance. Monoma, in my honest opinion, is more of a story vehicle than a character in his right, his pitiful taunts used to kickstart Black Whip, though that doesn’t mean he is not a character with his own arc. Time will tell if Horikoshi-sensei will give him more. I personally doubt it, but then again both Katsuki and Endeavor are getting redemption arcs, so we’ll see.

    -Now for the elephant in the room (YES, I finally get to talk about it). You said it best Zaiden, there’s benefit in hindsight. And I truly understand where the side disagreeing with the singularity effect of One For All is coming from, that it results in Deku becoming so powerful, he leaves pretty much everyone else behind him. But what makes me love this development so much is that not only did Horikoshi-sensei take all this in and convert it into drama, but as you said, he also planned it out so very well that everything just balances everything. It’s like a video game. It’s no fun having both heroes and villains duking it out while they are on the same power level as before, and it’s even more egregious to have one side overpower the other by a lot. You power up BOTH sides of the conflict evenly, making the outcome that much harder to predict by increasing the number of possible outcomes due to how many quirks are in the equation. Stilts-san always said unpredictability is the spice of good story telling. And this whole thing has always been set up like so ever since All Might filled Deku in on All For One. And back to the point of Deku leaving everyone else behind him in terms of power levels, that’s Horikoshi-sensei taking that concern of the fans and running with it as a new story element. It’s all reflected in Ochaco. “Who protects the heroes when they are hurting?” Even if Deku’s new powers make him a more formidable foe for the villains, he will be all alone in facing them. The hurt doesn’t just have to be physical. It’ll also be emotional, on a teen. The kind of emotional hurt even All Might has never experienced. So yeah, Deku will leave everyone behind. And it will hurt his soul. If that’s not drama, I don’t know what is. It’s awesome, it’s scary, it’s thrilling, and it’s unsettling.

  2. I’ve been very clear (and bear in mind I’m currently paused on the manga, so this is not based on future knowledge but my thoughts at the time of reading) that anyone seeing this a freebie power-up for Deku is misreading Horikoshi’s intentions. Monoma pretty much spelled it out in that excellent speech early in the episode, even if it wasn’t Deku he was talking about.

  3. As much as I don’t dig Momoma’s personality, I have to give him credit for finally voicing what was probably on everybody’s minds since All Might’s battle with All For One back in season 3. Done in a villanous fashion as it was, you have to admit that what he said about Bakugo was essentailly spitting straight facts.


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