「キサラギ幹部、配信します!」 (Kisaragi Kanbu, Haishin Shimasu!)
“Kisaragi Leaders Will Be Livestreamed!”

Normally I’d be a little miffed at getting a filler episode with barely two weeks left to go, but I think I can throw Sentouin some slack. Sure, it was pure fan service, yes it didn’t really add much to the overall premise, but in the end are you really complaining? That’s right, didn’t think so. Whoever said mad scientists didn’t have a heart?

Given how the proceedings went this week nothing much to really say: Lilith took the potential of Dr. Octopus almost to its logical conclusion, Belial got to showcase some of that fiery yet fun personality, and Astaroth, well, remains far too wholesome for this crew of misfits. Lilith without a doubt though steals the show here, as between showing just where Six gets his inspiration for Evil Point generation and going all out to keep up Kisaragi’s evil persona, she’s quickly rocketing up my scoreboard. I am a little surprised by Lilith not being legitimately near the top of Kisaragi’s internal rankings, however; given it seems like every other field agent is a lolicon in this organization (seriously), you’d think they would overwhelmingly go for the washboard over the considerable tracts of land. Guess it must just come down to personality in the end – hell, even I’m a terrible sucker for cute and bashful.

Otherwise the real fun naturally lies in what comes next. After this little diversion it’s full-on tomb raiding time, and that means showdowns, discoveries, and more demon girl suffering than you can shake a camera-equipped tentacle with. I have no idea what Six and friends will find on their latest foray, but I do know the results are going to be glorious.

After all, when your high spec android has the art of manipulation down pat, rest assured your gang is in for the adventure of a lifetime.


    1. The episode, which is IIRC anime original, focuses in on the Supreme Leaders who are still on Earth and all the fan-service they can provide.

      It’ll also serve as foreshadowing if this somehow gets a second season.

      1. Oh interesting, I was wondering if this happened as shown in the source material, but anime original answers quite a bit!

        Will also be interesting to see if this picks up a sequel given it’s not as popular as Konosuba.

  1. Was expecting this episode to be the big heist foreshadowed last week, but it turned out to be a Kisaragi-centric episode? Not that I mind, seeing a bit more of the Kisaragi leaders is always welcome–in more ways than one. (Not to mention there’s still a couple more episodes to go.)

    Random thoughts:
    Astaroth: “But I don’t have time to spend with him! [No. 6 -Ed.] We’re so close to conquering the world!”
    Ah yes, the good old “Career vs. Love” dilemma… While it’s something a good majority of people within the global workforce can relate to, nowhere is that dilemma more prominent than in the Japanese setting, what with the whole “too busy with work, no time to socialize/no time for romance” mindset.
    – Pardon if I’m WAY off the mark, but I’m gonna guess “ニコニコTube” translates to “NicoNicoTube”? (Well, gotta thank a certain “Yakusa Dragon” for helping me understand the “コ” moji–it’s in her name–and it helps that the DeepL translator confirms it as well.)
    – “Evil corporation,” eh? LOL, Kisaragi is on its way to becoming a “Black” company/corporation thanks to Lilith’s antics.
    – “Grasshopper-type” heroes… Kamen Rider reference? Also, the heroes converging on the place after Lilith livestreams Kisaragi’s office party to the rest of the world… Yeah, Lilith is a genius dingus reminiscent of a certain Crimson Demon loli. Still got enough “Evil Points” from sneakily livestreaming Astaroth and Belial in bikinis, though.

    Different kind of zany shenanigans, but still enjoyed the episode. That said, I’m a bit eager to get back to No. 6 and Alice, as well as whatever craziness the last two episodes of the season have in store.

      1. *sighs*

        Welp, that casual reference to Kiryu Coco-kaichou suddenly got a lot sadder in hindsight after reading the news on r/Hololive today (and watching Coco’s announcement video)…


        TL;DR if you don’t wish to click the links: Coco will be graduating from Hololive on July 1st, 2021.

        S**t… It was thanks to that screenshot of Gigguk sending a SuperChat to Coco that got me into the Hololive rabbit hole in the first place. Not to mention I really got into watching her Reddit Meme/S**tpost Reviews upon her return to streaming (after that brouhaha that also involved Akai Haato/Haachama). At this point, I’d love to see Coco collab with Haato/Haachama in one last Meme/S**tpost Review before she graduates. Thanks for making 2020 and a bit of 2021 a little bit better, ココ-kaichou. :=^(

        Damnit… And I’m still reeling from Kentaro Miura’s passing as well…

  2. This is one evil corporation I wouldn’t mind working for. Pissed off at your boss? Just pay them back and get evil points as a reward. XD
    Such a fair and indiscriminate system.

    Belial seems to be the smartest of those four, though that might just be Agent 6’s influence screwing up with Astaroth. Lilith and Agent 6 has this large pitfall that seem to waste their probably high intelligence. Live straming that to the world was certainly evil, but it exposed their location to the heroes. And imagine what’ll happen if Belial’s parents sees it, they might loose one of their leaders!

    The vote was fun. Vote tampering and then vote buying. What other evil acts could she do? Really looks ripe for evil points harvesting isn’t it? Also noticed Kumoko stayed in fourth place while the top five shuffled about.

    1. Definitely down to Six’s influence, I see Belial and Astaroth being similar in intelligence (though Lilith clearly has them beat in imagination). Also god now I hope their parents do pop up at some point, the dissonance generated from their appearance would be hilarious.

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