「お久しぶりですセルキーさん」 (Ohisashiburi Desu Serukii-san)
“Long Time No See, Selkie”

On this week’s episode of filler in Boku no Hero Academia, the focus switches away from Deku, Bakugo and Shouto. Instead, we must experience promotional material for the next Boku no Hero Academia movie: disguised as a beach episode to lure in unsuspecting suckers like you and me.

An unchartered boat carrying illegal enhancement drugs escapes enforcement convoys around the Verize Islands. So Selkie calls upon Froppy’s interning cohort to assist with finding and taking these criminals down, consisting of Uraraka and Nejire. The girls mess around on the beach because they need to stay relaxed before the mission – time in which they befriend and cook a turtle on the barbecue grills, before hastily making their way around the area to scout for any strange transmissions. Not that they needed to. Because the villains had always planned to escape. And they were never planning on being subtle in the first place.

Just as Selkie takes most of the smuggler crew to pound town using his Seal martial arts, the leader tries to escape on a small plane – one which would outspeed Ryukyu in the skies. Fortunately Uravity saves the day, grappling onto the plane then utilising her Gunhead Martial Arts to take him down. However, the plane spirals out of control – prompting Nejire to fire off pulses of electricity in conjunction with Uraraka’s gravity to correct the plunging trajectory, which allows Ryukyu to slowly land it into the water.

I do wish female characters had more relevance in terms of kicking ass, something which their male counterparts disproportionately enjoy. I can’t say the episode felt sincere in terms of how it tried to demonstrate how awesome these girls abilities can be. But maybe that’s simply par for the course when it comes to shounen like Boku no Hero Academia. I hope that’s the most we’ll get in terms of movie promotion, so we can get back to the main story arc, which is already progressing slowly as it is.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. I actually enjoyed the first filler episode with Selkie.

    This was bad.

    Unless you just wanted a bunch of animations of the girls in swimsuits, in which case…this was awesome!

  2. Seriously. Have you not seen Gintama? Or Bloody Bleach? Shonen has enough cool women being relevant and kicking ass. Stop pretending that they do not exist!

    Also I am happy that the anime gave extra focus to Ochako. She us suppose to be the main heroine and yet the series has underutilised her for years! Nice to see her get some shine.

    1. Bleach? Yeah, I’m not so sure. Rukia was relegated to princess that needed saving. There are kick ass female characters but they disproportionately lose out on the limelight to their male counterparts. I think something like Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen would be a good example of modern shounens that don’t fall afoul of this trend.

      1. Rukia only played Damsel once! She got a pivotal moment in the invade Huego mundo arc. Even Orhime showed great growth after the Aizen affair and helped Ichigo during the final battle with Ywach. And JJK is kinda overrated. People bloody think it is the only Shonen with good female representation.

  3. Okay I’m sorry but I’m gonna go and say it.

    Season 5 is being hacked by its committee. Hawks being a double-agent in the anime is revealed way early on but in the manga the audience only discovers that at the same time the characters do. We’re gonna have two filler episodes in a row. The My Villain Academia Arc is nowhere to be seen The end of THIS WEEK’S episode falls on a cliffhanger involving a sinister European organization looking for the serum.

    …. the producers want this season to sew the upcoming third movie into its canon.

    That is insulting.

    1. Yup. But BNHA has already become a money maker to the corporate bigwigs. Rather than making it the best production it can be, the focus is on how to keep the existing fans interested at the lowest maintenance cost possible. See Naruto/Bleach/One Piece to see what I’m talking about.

      1. Let’s not speak too prematurely about this. Reality is, this is only the third fully filler episode in all 5 seasons of MHA anime so far, and the show is still adapting manga chapters. Comparing it to the likes of One Piece/ Naruto/ Bleach which have drowned themselves in filler episodes isn’t an accurate take TBH. If the anime is suffering from a lower quality than usual (which I don’t think so personally), it would have to be due to the manga not having much in terms of development. Granted, I don’t know what they’re thinking with not adapting My Villain Academia first than proceeding with the rest of the events like how the manga was paced, but I will withhold that judgement until this season is over.

          1. Notice how I said IF the anime is suffering, and IT WOULD HAVE TO BE DUE TO? I myself am not blaming anything for anything. I’m caught up with the manga and I’m of the belief that there were some great developments at THIS arc. I said what I said because people were complaining that the joint training arc had little development in it, which, while I see why people would think so, I don’t agree with them. My reply was more about general reception of this season’s quality, not my personal beliefs.

    1. In fairness, when it’s cold and wintery in the northern hemisphere, Australia/New Zealand get to enjoy beach barbecues around that time of year. And they did say that Verize Island is somewhere in the Pacific.

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