「一般常識(みんなずれてます)」 (Ippan Jōshiki (Minna Zuretemasu))
“Common Sense (It’s Different For Everyone)”

Doujin Sales

Fafnir definitely doesn’t understand human sexual desires. If he truly believed that Lucoa’s cosplay photo book wasn’t going to sell, he either underestimates or doesn’t understand the lengths to which human males will go. It’s like they don’t have OnlyFans over in Japan!

I definitely did feel bad seeing him pour his entire heart into an unsuccessful project. Maybe he will better understand what the target audience want for next time. Though I did find it strange. Considering he’s a fan of moe, could he not just have replicated that style? Instead he insists on doing things his own way and ends up shocked when it doesn’t work out. He has decades of experience and proven success to take inspiration from – and forgoes all of it to do his own thing.

Sleep Cycles

I love little tidbits within the series where they explain in-universe details which really add to the world building. As it turns out, dragons don’t have to sleep as frequently as humans do. However the dorogons living in this area of the Saitama Prefecture have adapted to their humans – sleeping at evening or night like their humans companions would. It makes me wonder, which contributes more to dragons being so grumpy – being lonely creatures or being sleep deprived creatures?

While Tohru ponders on how pointless sleep is for dorogons, I think she finds out her own reason for it. Specifically the joy derived from being loved and cared for by Kobayashi putting a blanket over her after she dozed off.

Ghost at School! – Boys and Girls

Sure, young boys can be smelly and mean. I was once a young boy myself so I would know. But the way it’s portrayed in Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon makes it seem like a fun dynamic for both sides despite their disdain for one another. The adventure chasing ghosts made me extremely nostalgic for what I remembered back in my youthful days.

I can’t remember the name of the cocky boy. Nevertheless I think it’s kind of sad how young girls have to start putting up with the bullshit of boys. Too often teachers will put disruptive kids next to the well behaved ones. I would know because I was a disruptive kid too. In fairness I was also a straight A student, albeit a disruptive one. It’s just straight up unfair on the well behaved kids (often girls in schools) to be punished for having their shit together. I don’t think there’s a Mel to read what I’m about to write. To clarify I never had a crush on her, one of my best friends at the time did. Though I definitely bothered her a lot through what I thought was harmless fun. Though serious, she was a kind person who still genuinely tried to reach out and understand me despite my obnoxiousness.

But I would apologise for being a teenage shitbag. There was a point in time we were very close friends, only for everything to fall apart towards the end of our teenage years. I always used to wonder and blame her for the outcome – because to be honest, the fracture point was not my fault. I was castigated for leading the group 5 miles off course in a Duke of Edinburgh expedition even though I was the food/tent person who wasn’t in charge of planning the route or using the map – that was the agreed responsibility of Mel and her friend! I would also like to add I did an impeccable job of setting up the tent and preparing food. However, I recognise that was only the fracture point and I’m pretty much accountable for 80-90% of the stress that led up to that point. Specifically my lackadaisical and chauvinistic attitudes.

As an adult with the benefit of hindsight, I like to think I’ve grown a lot since those days. I know it’s kind of wrong to see my children as a way to make up for my mistakes, but I would like to raise a son who is respectful towards his female peers as opposed to encouraging this ‘Boys be boys’ mentality that I was instilled with.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to talk about. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!

End Card


  1. I think we all can under Fafnir‘s disappointment, we all at one point or another got 0 Recognition creating something from scratch. I for one started a gaming channel on YouTube and the only views were from close friends.

    Nothing afterwards.

    Rena Sayers
  2. Shota and Lucoa made me remind my own VERY young age relation with my neighbour’s daughter, who was stunning, dark haired beauty, about 10 years older than my barely-school age self, and althought here was nothing erotic in my child’s fascination with her, I just was absoultely stunned by her looks and kind demeanour towards me. Probably my first crush, although I did not realise that myself at a time…

  3. This is the most Lucoa action we’ve ever got, I’m glad at least half an episode was dedicated to her, and holy cow the facial expressions we’ve got from her, hilarious!.

    So far she is seems to be completely immortal, has godlike power to reverse time at will (which she offered to do for Ilulu). And man, that masculine fairy, he’s like super buff but so tiny. When he talked about his situation with Kanna at the table i thought she was going to eat him.

  4. There are lots of little things that I love about this episode. Fafnir claiming to have ‘bowed his head’ (when he never did any such thing) reminds me of episode 1, in the maid cafe, when Tohru claimed she would never call anyone except Kobayashi ‘master’ (but actually also refuses to call Kobayashi master too).

    Kanna suddenly get serious about the soccer match was interesting. I interpreted that as her avoiding a situation where she’d either to have to ‘confess’ to either liking Saikawa or denying it and hurting Saikawa’s feelings. I like how the show portrays her as both innocent and manipulative.

    It’s also interesting that Tohru must have forced Iruru to make the portal for the fairy. You can see her standing directly behind Iruru with her arms folded across her chest as if she had just scolded or lectured her about something. I wonder what happened off screen?

    Anyway I love this show.


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