OP Sequence

OP: 「転生したら剣でした (Tensei Shitara Ken deshita ) by (Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets)

EP 02

「冒険者ギルドに行ったら鬼試験官でした」 (Bōkensha Girudo ni Ittara Oni Shikenkan Deshita)
“The Hellish Trial at the Adventurer’s Guild”

EP 03

「魔法鍛冶師は曲者でした」 (Mahō Tanyashi wa Kusemono Deshita)
“The Grizzled Old Blacksmith”

That’s right folks, I’m stealing this one from Pancakes!

So what’s going on? A little explanation beforehand is premeditated. There’s however not much to explain, Pancakes dropped this series after episode one, and I in my desperation picked something else for blogging that was not below the line of what I consider mediocre. Out of the series that are left Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita is a little above the line in my opinion of course. Not that Seiken Densetsu is bad, but its execution is poor at best, sorry not sorry.

Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita however is a lot more fun, I love when anime tries to do its own thing or fill out some type of lore that has rarely been explored in other pieces of media. And here it’s two-fold, one because of the intelligence weapon character. Aka Shishou (Miki, Shinichiro). I really enjoy the comedy here. I like how Shishou treats Fran (Kakuma, Ai) so far, they’re relationship is both enjoyable, wholesome, and funny at the same time. With a little bit of fanservice, but it doesn’t deter from the plot or anything. So I’m into that, if things keep going like this for the rest of the season, I am one happy camper.

I originally picked Seiken Densetsu for review because I’m privy to the original game, and because the mana series has grown in my heart in recent years. However, that anime is just one drop from going down the bar line. Like- I can continue watching that series, but not on most days, as most days I want to watch the good stuff. Speaking relatively about time – I do feel if I’m not watching le creme of le creme in any given season of anime, my time with this hobby is not worth it anymore. Sure I’ll watch the bad shows, the more morally questioned productions, that are churned out like one big great anime-spewing machine. But most of the time if it doesn’t fit in one of these tree molds, I’ll drop it below the line, and see to watch only when I’m in the mood to kill time with anime that I might still find enjoyable, but not exciting. If it doesn’t have gorgeous visuals, gorgeous detailed animation, or awesome fight scenes, I stop watching for enjoyment. And just to fill out numbers.

And that’s what blogging is to me, or has become or has always been, I don’t know. Talking about anime should be fun, it should get me excited to share my thoughts with RC readers, not think of it as a chore, and because I’ve already suffered once with bad video game anime adaptations, I stay cautious of shoddy productions that don’t tickle my fancy in the right way, even though I can still see the potential in it. I’d rather keep it to myself if you know what I mean. So why Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita? You say as you realize this one is also not exactly the highest of budgeted productions with gorgeous visuals.

And well that answer might be in the lore and story, as the second thing this series has going on for me, is the fact it’s trying to explain where beast-folk come from and that is just right up my alley, or so me thinks. So I’m hoping they trickle down information on that front slowly through the season. And they must since they’ve already teased Fran’s backstory. As that is extremely interesting to me. For example, if we talk strictly fantasy, where do Orcs come from in TLOR? How did Balrog’s come into existence? I don’t know, but I would surely like to find out. Those types of high lore questions are my favorite type of thing to have ever come out of fantasy. So in this case, I’m sure we’ll get to learn more about Intelligence Weapons and Beast-folk alike. And that’s why I’m picking it because I’m sure that’s going to be plenty interesting to talk about as the season progresses. Besides Fran is mighty cute and her potential is limitless. At least she’s having more character progression already!

Don’t worry Seiken Densetsu will have its three-episode run on RC just like promised. If it manages to win me over (which is doubtful) I might end up covering both.

Anyroad, I do personally enjoy seeing characters go on their first quests, and this series takes it one step further, where most MMOs would have you killing a cave of goblins or some other type of MOB A monster. Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita decides you should be picking up flowers and pulling out herbs from the ground. An interesting idea for sure as when you put that into the context of an RPG, would it really work? It could serve as introduction quests where you get to freely explore the land without much fear of going into battle as you’re technically not allowed yet.

And well with this type of isekai genre it’s always fun to see the characters be OP, and here is no exception as in episode 03 Fran saves a couple of adventurers from some goblins and she’s super OP during her battles. I guess she did fight off goblins in the end. Pulling out spells and using her Heavy Slash skill to reap them to shreds; Was quite enjoyable to watch. So yeah please bear with me as I learn the rules of this new world and try to get you weekly coverage of this series, from what I’ve seen so far great fight scenes and direction, and interesting lore to boot. So yeah those are my thoughts so far on why this change needed to happen, and I do hope you bear with me. Thanks!

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ED Sequence

ED: 「」 (more<STRONGLY) by (Maon Kurosaki)

End Card


  1. Dunno. This started strong for me. But honestly (and I really hate to say this
    because I like the individual characters Fran and Teacher) I’m bored silly with
    how things have turned so far (episode 4 is kinda like episode 3 which was
    kinda like episode 2).

    I’ll give it a couple of more episodes, but it was such a novel concept (an
    intelligent weapon, etc.) that I hate to give it up…

    Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei seems like a sleeper as I’m enjoying
    it much more than I expected!

    1. Oh yeah, the novice alchemist anime is quite good as well, love the main MC and how she’s already inviting the village folk over to sleep at her house, and how the other girl ran to tell her parents was really wholesome. Gives me Atelier vibes.

      I can see Fran power scaling a lot to the end of the season, as she’s already slashing her way through hordes of goblins and being badass.

  2. Come now friend, despite this not being some mind-blowing story you gotta love the unique premise of the isekai MC actually not being the MC and being the supporting character to the actual MC. While they do have their work cut out for them in developing Fran as a character as she continues her growth, I’m down to see where they take this odd pair of daughter and sword dad.

    1. Kinda like you’re agreeing with my sentiments — the two main characters
      are interesting , but the story seems (to me) lackluster and repetitive.

      It’s all good though; friendly discussion and all …

      1. Not every story needs to be an award winner to keep you seated and coming back and I think Fran would be a great protagonist if the author doesn’t go ham too fast and actually works to show that she earns her power.

    2. Fran should be the next Goblin Slayer. I really enjoy the humor in this Anime. They are short and simple and funny dry humor. No thanks to Goblin Slayer! I can’t play a goblin in Magic The Gathering without feeling guilty. Which is why I got worried when Fran decided to take on the Goblins herself.

      What I found fascinating with this show is how the BGM is similar to Log Horizon which I also love. I can’t wait to see more character growth from Fran and Teacher…the sword.

      1. from what I understand about MtG is that goblin decks sort of rule no? I’m sorry I’ve never actually liked playing TCG. 😅

        HAHA nice catch, you have a great ear! It’s the same composer and musical director for both Log Horizon and Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita; Yasuharu Takanashi. 🙂

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