「氷の瞳に映るのは」 (Kouri no Hitomi ni Utsuru no wa)
“Reflection in an Icy Eye”

Slowly but surely, I dare say we’re starting to get somewhere. As with all Gundams Witch from Mercury is taking its time smelling the roses, yet such lackadaisical behaviour belies the switch into chaos and carnage we all know is coming. Every step forwards brings the real story that much closer to its grand debut, and with Suletta finally being put on the spot, methinks we’re on the cusp of that defining moment.

With the Earth-space overview having been delved into, the other side of the coin missing from Witch from Mercury was the nature of GUND technology – so lo and behold an episode all about teasing it. Given what we know to date (prologue episode again says hi) there’s not much here which should shock anyone, though Elan being a test tube baby meant to turn deleterious cybernetic technology into a slightly less deadly variety certainly raised an eyebrow. I was expecting something along these lines, I was anticipating it being a character already introduced, but having it be the quiet kid? I’m kicking myself for not considering it. At least Elan’s reveal provides further evidence of who the immediate enemy will be, because with companies left and right all after a ‘safe’ form of Gundam to reap profits from, it won’t be long before one of them decides to stop playing in the shadows. Or, you know, stop making an utter fool of Guel. Must admit, I’m start to feel for the poor guy, even if it’s kind of funny in hindsight. Tsunderes gonna tsundere.

Of course you could also say we’ve already reached the point of open conflict courtesy of Elan deciding to duke it out with Suletta herself for the right to Aerial. While easy to assume to Suletta will prevail in the upcoming bout, honestly I’m not so sure right now. Suletta is explicitly confirmed different from Elan, she hasn’t shown any of enhancements he possesses or the controlling overhead associated with lethal (yet lucrative) technology. If Aerial is using a wholly different system from GUND (which is looking increasingly likely) it’s not that farfetched to think this duel will be the first which comes down to pilot skill vs. machine capability, since such a thing wouldn’t be repeatedly mentioned if not a future factor in some later event. And if that is the case, Elan could win this fight and give Suletta her first taste of defeat.

Where things go from there (if it happens), however, is the big unknown. We’re increasingly overdue for this story’s main conflict, and there’s some characters who’s ulterior motives are waiting for their reveal. Suletta could lose – but nothing says it’s a fight which won’t get upstaged in some capacity by external forces.

It’s certainly going to be a wait to find out next week just what takes place.




  1. It’s funny how the roles have been inverted. Guel was the arrogant bully, Elan was the cold-yet-nice guy who was always helping Suletta. Now Elan is the jerk and Guel the one jumping to help her.

    I feel a bit bad for Elan. It’s clear that being a test tube baby created to further advance dangerous Gundam technology is a source of trauma. He probably hoped that Suletta would be like him, a kindred spirit that would understand his pain. But alas, Suletta is a ‘normie’. Not to mention the realization that he might not have needed to suffer if only his group had invented a Gundam like Aerial.

    I wonder about the exposure, though. While Prospera has created a precedent (“it’s not a Gundam, it’s drone technology!”), the other groups will raise an eyebrow or two after seeing the Peil Group’s machine. At the very least, Shaddiq knows it’s a Gundam.

    1. I think at this point everyone is aware that Aerial is a Gundam and simply trying to out it or use it to verify their own Gundam approach is acceptable. There’s enough insinuation with Guel’s father for example to show every company is seeking the advantage a Gundam will bring and is simply held back by the nature of the technology.

      Also @Bors Suletta is definitely normal, just incredibly introverted. You can see it with how she’s coming out of her shell now with Miorine.

      1. their own Gundam approach

        I mentioned it because, as seen in episode 2, the Benerit Group officially (and Delling in particular) doesn’t condone Gundam research. After all, Aerail is “technically” a Benerit Gundam, yet Prospera and Suletta were treated like potential criminals by the corporation.

        While I assume that the Peil Group has far more clout among their Benerit fellows, it’s not as if the general rule has changed; Aerial is only admitted on the pretense that it wasn’t proved it was a Gundam. I’d expect some harsh questions from their colleagues, at the very least.

  2. You know, I think I like Elnora Samaya – Prospera Mercury’s old look better. Rocking the red hair, she looked awesome like that.

    With Earth being so so economically useless now because all revenue are generated through space. It would be nice if Shin Sei Development Corporation would invest in Earth after making Mercury a place of opportunity of course. The rehab project of Mother Earth should be coined “No Earthling Left Behind” or “Make Mother Earth Great Again” something like that.

    The fight between Elan and Suletta, the chances of Suletta winning is kind of dubious. Seeing how Suletta had done nothing but run n’ gun get’er done with Guel, I won’t be surprised that Suletta’s good fortune runs out for a little bit.

      1. I’m leaning this way personally, it would also explain in part why Prospera let Suletta go to school with Aerial – she’s looking to test it out and see what the space-based groups are now bringing in terms of technology.

  3. whatever game of thrones/mechs main corporations are playing, I get the feeling Suletta’s Mom is going to blow it up in spectacular fashion…
    She has unleashed our heroine on unsuspecing school.
    I dont know if she is enhanced in any way for the purpose of gundam piloting, but she is ace in conquering hearts of fellow students…


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