「騎士団副団長はヤな奴でした」 (Kishidan Fuku Danchō wa Yana Yatsu Deshita)
“The Horrible Lieutenant of the Knights Brigade”

All right, here we go. If you know anything about me, you already probably know what my big quarrel with this episode was. At least know this, I don’t blame the series, it’s totally a lack of empathy from the original writer, however, the insensitivity towards homosexuality shines clear as day.

“Ugghh!! – BlaBlaBla FJ once again wants to rant about PC BS and gay rights! I’m so done, I came here for my anime reviews, not this flamboyant shit!”

And to that I say, you’re totally right, RC, in essence, is an anime review blog where several personalities get to take the helm every week, some more than once, and talk about their favorite shows airing during a specific season. However, isn’t that the same reason all voices should be celebrated? Specifications aside – this particular episode showed something that really irked my bone. Yes, I’m talking about the annoying captain that was prominent during this week’s episode. You would be remiss to think that this was only an annoying character that fully displays a very over-the-top personality, and probably deserves to stand behind a bar and serve you drinks all night while calling you honey and listening to your straight woes.

However, it’s that same format that allows writers to express their opinions in full, and from my understanding, celebrates different opinions and views, so shouldn’t that apply to people of different genders and sexualities? Look I’m sorry – it’s something I can’t control and if I could just choose not to be like that, then I would, in a heartbeat. But baby, I was born this way. Why would I choose something that constantly gets belittled and pushed down by society, and only those that are of open mind are able to accept it? Sure it has changed in recent years, but nevertheless, is still present, especially in a medium such as the internet where anonymity reigns.

Anyroad, the writer clearly went out of his way to show a side of this character that is clearly meant to be mocked, and clearly is not interested in redeeming him, but instead provides a much-needed impediment towards Fran and Shishou. Since he serves as the catalyst for the start of this new arc.

I’m not upset, I’m just disappointed, once again anime used the gay token to promote a stereotype and made it even worse. Apparently, this character has a skill that allows him to make others doubt themselves, so he goes around telling people they are liars for his own benefit. When Fran and Shishou are able to steal this specific skill, they start making this captain sweat nervously and start going through other bodily functions such as passing gas for comedy. In hindsight, this ‘comedy’ is played off at the expense of this character, and things are just about to get worse. I’m okay with this – I honestly didn’t see this character as gay, just a flamboyant man who is annoying. It’s not until Shishou and Fran discuss his backstory that we get to see this character surrounded by a posse of men, who fan him like a king and feed him grapes as he lies on their laps or backs in this case. It’s a short moment, but this is what really irked me, why would the Luitenant of the Knights Brigade, choose to have men at his lap, unless it’s some kind of twisted power game? Which I would very much like to believe it so, but the way he’s portrayed here, with an almost feminine body, gives me the impression it’s not.

I’m not sure if the inclusion of this scene was meant to be played off for laughs, further demonizing this character in the viewer’s eyes. These are hot – tiny waisted men, who are almost naked. With his personality plus this scene, it’s hard not to put two and two together.

Then to give a cherry on top, this man who shall remain nameless because I failed to find him in Anilist or MyAnimeList and thus have forgotten his name already. At the end of the episode, they showed him like he has lost his dam mind, in a deprived state of lunacy, wanting Fran to get what she deserves, which is absolutely nothing! Fran did nothing wrong. However, his man-child-like projection toward Fran is both pitiful and disgusting. But this man brings out a blue cat, and Fran gives us the insight that her race and the blue cats actually hate each other, leaving us on a cliffhanger.

I’ve actually enjoyed every single part of the episode that did not involve this captain of whatever the hell commandment he belonged to or had command over. I can’t however, let it go, it’s just another example of sexuality being used as a joke and taken to an extreme in an example of bad writing. I was really wishing this was not so and would skew my thinking to believe that this guy was a woman, which would not be a lot better, however, the gate guard specifically tells Fran this man has been looking for her, and when he finally does, he’s in a deranged state, almost going insane and blaming Fran for his misfortune.

Absolute idiocracy.

It’s just really bad writing for a character that was meant to play off as a joke, yet what was the need to put him in drag and belittle him?  I’m not defending him, just sticking out for my community (He is deplorable as a person). Whether it be in Persona 5 with those bar guys thinking Ryuiji is cute and dragging him to his misfortune, mocking the only other male party member as undatable. Or Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita making an annoying character even more vexing by assigning him such traits in the name of comedy. Not knowing what makes drag funny, should probably deter you from using the art of copying it, and copying it badly. I’m not saying every single character has to have such things added to them but was it really necessary to have this man surrounded by men instead of women? Making him fat, and giving him man boobs, just for the sake of wanting the audience to hate him or make him a villain. There are much better ways to do so, and it doesn’t involve mocking a prevalent part of gay culture.

Or even say – maybe – not at all. It’s safe to say he paid for those men to be there. Making his character even more pathetic. Japan is just ways behind on this stuff, and I can’t blame them. Just urge them to do better.

I just found it really cheap.

No, I did not like this man one bit, he’s already pretty annoying, plus making him gay or putting him in drag, choose your poison, for the sake of a joke is frugal and demonizes and perpetuates stereotypes. I can’t even focus on anything else that happened in this episode because blind rage has just impaired me from seeing past this flaw. For example, Shishou and Fran had a great cookout making curry, which was super cute and actually made me smile. And I have already run out of space for this post. Everything else was great – except for this one bit. Which rubbed me the wrong way in more ways than one. Hopefully, since the light has now shone on the fight with the blue cat we won’t be seeing any more of this annoying charachter. And will only become a minor running gag for the series.

I’m really unable to come up with another conclusion, if you have any other view on the matter please let me know, however, why would he choose to use a bunch of guys as a sort of sirens who accompany him to watch a bout? He resembles Ursula here, yes from the Little Mermaid, which is another character based on a drag queen.

I’m unable to rationalize it any other way except the one I’ve mentioned above. So be it – that’s just how much I despised the character.

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  1. I think you’re pretty far off kilter with August here. While I don’t know about the surrounded by guys thing and the farting thing is dumb (both were added in the anime), there’s no gay anything here. He’s just a self-serving corrupt bureaucrat who was giving Fran and Teach a hard time for his own attempted benefit. In the manga he’s explained to have a high level but bad stats because he power leveled off Adventurer parties (he’d just sit back and gain exp while the rest of the party fought the monsters) and thus has a bad relationship with the adventurer’s guild. Nel was even talking about him being the one responsible for the guild having to handle the whole Goblin Stampede incident by themselves without support from the knights.
    The whole surrounded by men thing looks like nothing more than displaying him as a corrupt noble with others serving him. The term “manservant” exists, after all.

  2. He didnt strike me depicted as gay, more as “effete nobleman” stereoptype.
    The kind of folk who use their undeserved power and influence to make everyone suffer, while avoiding any effort of themselves.
    In fact , I was half expecting him making some unwanted sexual advances on our kitten heroine, before all his social skills were stolen.
    He was a comedic releif character, but it was a bad comedy…
    Now, his blue cat henchman is different story, it seems he is both strong and cruel to his fellow cats of the black cat subspecies. I am looking forward to see Fran crush him…

  3. FJ Freeman just so I can understand, are you saying that the Captain in Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita, the guy with the ability to see through lies is gay?

    If so, I completely saw him in a different light. I was like “HOLY COWS THEY INTRODUCED AN UGLY BASTARD FROM ONE OF THOSE HENTAI TITLES!!!” If the Captain is gay then I am sorry for thinking poorly of this character.

  4. Yeah, he was just a ridiculously entitled asshole because he was born with a skill that made him a consummate liar who the world bent over backwards for at all turns between his money and his Skill. All the other stuff was added by the anime staff. The issue is that he had no grasp on reality because his Skill gave him an intuitive knowledge of what he needed to do to get people to do things the way he wanted them to, and without it holding his hand he had no capacity to function in polite society anymore.

    But it wouldn’t be the first time that anime original add-ons made things worse I suppose.

  5. I didn’t really interpret Lieutenant August Allsand as being gay and he’s merely a corrupt noble. It seems quite common that relatively innocuous things end up being allegedly “offensive” and at times I wonder if the faux outrage says more about the source material or the person being outraged who seemed to naturally associate negative traits with a minority group.

    Interestingly if as suggested in another comment the ability to see through lies makes one gay then since Teach stole the ability he is now gay. He even lives up to the stereotypes as he’s good at cooking!

  6. I may be confused and need to rewatch the episode but I took from it that the Noble did not truly have any ability to see through lies but instead made others believe he did hence giving him a power to “lord” over others and build up he status as a noble.

    What was taken was taken was his skill to act in high society with the proper decorum and grace needed to be a noble. This caused him to lose his status and fall into a downward spiral which he blames on Fran.

    1. I think the skill said it helped detect lies and made it harder for other people to detect the user’s lies.

      The problem with him falling apart after losing his etiquette skill is that most people in the world probably did not have that skill in the first place and they are not walking balls of filth. Causing a huge problem with a higher ranked noble after losing his super lying ability and his etiquette skill makes sense. Him losing his hair and teeth and turning into the walking dead does not.


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