OP Sequence

OP: 「スペースキャットビッグバン」 (Space Cat Big Bang) by Chougakusei

「アリエナイ」 (Arienai)

Kawaisugi Crisis captures a relatively calming adventure where an alien discovers the one creature she couldn’t prepare herself for: a fluffy cat. While your mileage will vary depending on how much of a cat person you are, but that shouldn’t be too hard of a goal post to hop over because cats are cute!


This one is for anyone that has a cat and loves cats enough to want to surround themselves with nothing but cats. Kids are getting more and more expensive and there are far too many parents who shouldn’t be, but pets are often a good foot-in-the-door to see if you can take care of another life. Why not a cat? Cats are cute and tend to be low maintenance. I have a short-haired black cat and she’s the sweetest thing on this planet. Also a little ankle-biter. See what I’m talking about? It’s a sick kind of fandom where you want to see other cats because the cat you have is adorable and you want to meet other mutual cat lovers to see how fun and quirky their little fur babies are.

The cat cafe scene was funny because it was just like the experience I had where the food was just kinda decent, but being in a small playpen with cats is one of the most precious experience you could have if you’re looking to chill out with cute cats for about 15 minutes. It also introduces you to Liza Luna’s mindset when she first realizes that she’d be willing to give up on her mission if it meant focusing solely on taking care of cats during her time on earth.

It’s not the most sophisticated show. The main draw is seeing how cute the cats and pets are, and Liza’s reaction to how adorable they are. She’s often paralyzed by how cute the cats are, especially hers, but is terrified by how dogs are, solidifying her status as a cat person. Even the art doesn’t do as much justice to how cute the cats are as the voice actors/actresses bring out their cutesiness better.

I’m also a bit disappointed since we don’t get to see the black cat as much. They don’t show up until the tail-end when Liza sends a laser beam crashing down on the owners who treated them horribly. As a cat lover who dotes on a black cat, the catharsis is great, but there isn’t much substance to this beyond gushing over the existence of cats.


ED Sequence

ED: 「にゃんぼりーdeモッフィー!!」 (Nyanbori de Moffy!!) by Dialogue+

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