「彼女たちのネガイ」 (Kanojotachi no Negai)
“What They Wish For”

Well I did say at the start this was a Gundam second season. Shock and awe? Plot twists? Wondering just what the hell happens next? Got all that and then some. I would say I told you so – but then again we’re still waiting for the real twist of the show aren’t we?

Right off the bat let’s get the obvious out the way: yes, Aerial is in fact a human being, Suletta herself isn’t anything special abilities-wise, and yes, Suletta ain’t an only child. Outside the latter this was a running prediction since the very start (albeit in hindsight the signs were there), so it’s not as impressive a twist as it could be, though getting it right now barely two episodes into the second half certainly raises an eyebrow or two. The big reason is just what this means for mama dearest and her goals. Prospera after all has effectively been made into Witch from Mercury’s big bad, with Quiet Zero her weapon of choice for achieving said goals. Controlling the totality of human electronic networks for the sake of collective peace and happiness? In true Gundam fashion simply a front for what her real objectives are. We may not know exactly what those are just yet, but rest assured it has something to do with Prospera’s second daughter and the reason she wound up getting the Ghost in the Shell treatment. Wouldn’t be the first parent to sacrifice the world for the sake of their child.

As for the more personal side of matters, yes Suletta has now racked up a second kill (no matter the technicalities surround it), and oh yes, you can definitely feel the coming dilemmas for a few of the cast. Suletta’s predicament is fairly straightforward: she’s piloting the key to whatever Prospera has planned, has an intimate relationship with her virtualized sister (who Suletta may not even know is her sister yet), and has proven to be easily swayed in a given direction on a whim by Prospera. This is going to cause some serious conflict with Miorine sooner rather than later considering Miorine herself is on the fence over involvement in Quiet Zero, something Prospera is fully aware of. Should Prospera decide Miorine needs to go there’s no saying what Suletta might wind up doing – or what Aerial might do should Suletta choose poorly.

And all of that then brings us to the pettier squabbling at work. Shaddiq finally making a move for example was well-choreographed in advance, Nika giving into her conscious (at the expense of her friends) was always going to happen, and even Elan’s continued – and increasingly determined – attempts at wooing Suletta were bound to factor into the larger story at some point. All these threads basically act as distraction, a veritable fighting over table scraps given none involved are even remotely aware of the larger struggle at play. Shaddiq after all is fighting to become head of Beneritt – he has no idea how poisoned that chalice is or how impotent the actual power it possesses in practice will be once Quiet Zero comes online. Likewise Nika’s role is effectively bringing both sides into open conflict, forcing Miorine to come back to deal with the fallout as it pertains to GUND-Arm, Suletta to become involved and pick a side, and to show Shaddiq (once he learns the extent of his folly) just who the true power players are.

Without a doubt everything is coming together in a rush to yield the main conflict of this story. The only question now is when it all comes to a head – and just whose move will herald the start of the fireworks.



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  1. Ding dong the bitch is dead!
    The witch or bitch? Who cares! Glad that they don’t prolong her role.
    We had a lot of Kusogaki and too few worth their erodoujin. Only one left.

    G-Bits? DOME then. So Tentative was actually this…. what a lousy attempt to sell surplus gunpla.

    Shaddiq performing a hostile take over? How many stock he had? Her harem now had sealed their fate as the next Shrike Team but i guess this time they will had Gundam type…..what a shame i like their design…. i just hope they will have a lot of netorare doujin.

    El5N piloting is quite sick, he is a faq and the original is a punchable arseholler but man… anyone who pilot using permet now are fighting like a girl; can’t take a punch.

  2. Now that part of the school has been destroyed and the Earth house was arrested, I’m hopeful the story will move beyond school antics. Sulletta basically rebooting herself at the end of each episode to pretend her mother and Ariel aren’t trying to kill people is getting kind of old, but I imagine we’ll find out soon Sulletta has basically been programmed to do this.

    1. After this episode I feel Suletta is basically in the same boat as Hunter from The Owl House: a good and innocent kid, who is being used and lied to by a parental figure they’re VERY strongly connected to.

      Even when the obvious signs where there he’d continue to talk himself into following his uncle, because he wanted and even needed to believe in that lie.
      It took the truth being thrown in his face by his uncle, and subsequently his uncle trying to kill him right afterwards, for him to realise everything was a lie.

      Suletta will keep “rebooting” until she gets undeniable proof thrown in her face. It’s gonna happen, question is: when?

  3. Well, this was quite worst hidden plot twist in history:
    Prospera probably did turn to techno-necromancy out of necessity, but boy does that bode bad for Suletta, Her mother has crossed quite few ethical lines already… And Miorine standing in her way might be detrimental to own health.
    On the other hand, Prospera harming Miorine might be a bridge too far, and result with Suletta finally rebelling.
    Speaking of health issues, I presume Shaddiq will be completing his coup now, with his adopted father captured and sidelined, and the one of two other groups leaderless following death of Jeturk senior and severe wounding – or maybe death – of Lauda.
    Elan seems to escape the harm so far, but he is obvious target following Jeturks decline.
    I wonder what will happen to Nika. Shaddiq lithmus test so, to speak will be if he just dumps her back on Earth somewhere she wont be able to affect his plans, or terminate with extreme prejudice.
    Last but not least, RIP Sophie, you were a vengeful psycho, but I consider you better person than those elite snobs playing their power games at the top. Everyone wants a good meal, warm bed and nice shower… And given proper use of defeat means friendship you could have settled with Suletta as true friend. Alas, this is not that kind of show…

  4. It’s as if the series had heard the complaints for the previous episode, even if it was all planned in advance.

    Disappointed about the return to the school setting? The student drama and mock battles feel like child’s play when compared to the violence of last season’s finale? Don’t worry, conflict is now calling at the school’s very door. Almost spelled word by word by the Witches of Earth, who envied and mocked Asticassia’s peaceful luxury when compared to the hell-hole that is Earth.

    And, of course, a confirmation of one of the most popular theories about the show. I wonder how Eri ended up in the Gundam. Was her mind absorbed during the battle in Episode 0? And where did Suletta come from?

    Finally, I’m curious about Shaddiq’s plan. He of course plans to take over the Benerit Group, so getting rid of his adoptive father and likely pinning the blame on Aerial’s House is understandable. But why kidnap his father? Why not just killing him? Especially know that he’ll know that Shaddiq is behind the plot.


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