「一番じゃないやり方」 (Ichiban ja Nai Yarikata)
“Not the Best Way”

To borrow real world adage, this is the moment you could call the first curl of the Gundam Monkey’s Paw. Everything is now coming together, with enemies new and old making moves, aspiring heroes put in their place, and the final battlelines emerging from their foreshadowed slumber. There’s a major twist or two yet to make a play, but the endgame is now fully in sight.

Much as repeated over the past couple of episodes, Miorine and Shaddiq were in store for some serious hubris and finally got the first taste of that here. Miorine of course is the less deserving of the two, but still probably warranted a bit of slap to the face: in pride she forged ahead without serious consideration, in ignorance she pushed away those who would’ve stuck with her because of past bonds. The girl basically got the introductory lesson to Gundam treachery in the usual fashion, with the only thing really missing being a full descent into despair before the inevitable recovery. At least for now – still plenty of time to Miorine to learn just how severe the consequences of defeat will be.

As for Shaddiq, well, did anyone really expect him to not get discovered and have Guel latch onto his trail? Shaddiq’s plans after all were always predicated on him being the only smart one in the room and not having an even shrewder player in Prospera one-upping his schemes of total control. To have both his army and his powerbase overtly threatened so quickly is (no matter his moxie) a serious gut punch and the sort of thing which will invite brash and ill-thought moves. I’m still uncertain whether to expect Guel to survive the outcome (personally half expect the kid to die in the process as atonement for his patricide), but Shaddiq isn’t likely to wind up the victor no matter what transpires. Unlike Nika and her own actions there’s no hiding for Shaddiq; he’s going to get the full Gundam villain treatment one way or another.

And that then brings us right back to Prospera. Honestly just like with Shaddiq it’s easy to know where this one is going: Prospera will activate Quiet Zero, something wicked this way will come, and someone – potentially multiple someones – will catch up in time to put the brakes on the Medea tinged variety of Singularity. For all the growing issues I have with certain plot tangents and rapid developments (irks to elaborate in detail later), it’s hard not being curious seeing exactly how this plays out, especially in light of Eri seemingly not be on board with everything Prospera is getting up to. That little line of thought after all has established Suletta as the key for solving whatever Quiet Zero’s activation kicks off, and potentially even causing Eri to throw off the control Prospera currently thinks she possesses.

Kind of makes me think we’re gearing up for something out of Gundam 00’s final act. Not that I fully expect that – but it sure looks like a 00-esque season finale. Just a matter of what final twists emerge before the fireworks kick into overdrive.



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  1. Soooo many thing happened at once that i feel overwhelmed and at loss in getting on tract in what is happening, and i blame Okouchi for doing his infamous trainwreck in one episode instead of fleshing it one by one and wasting a lot of previous episodes and time for inane utena shenanigan. Info dumping and exposure in one episode is simply bad. The only saving grace is because so far it is intriguing scene.

    The fat lady who pretend she is a little girl get shot, who is she? What is her role in the story? Do we missed some secret side story or material? Does her presence had some weight in the story ?

    Prospera destroyed all the ryosan katta illfrith from new ochs earth in ghinias shahalin style, well… i can only get that she hates competition. So… Shaddiq seems like two bit of player in the whole game of scheming… no wonder zarius sees him with looks of disappointment. So much for our self proclaimed genius, shouldn’t have adopted i guess … i think zariuss silently contemplate this idea.

    Btw, with name like Yer ogre or You’re Gay…. no wonder Shaddiq needs to bolster his fragile ego with silly nickname like Prince…. naming yer child like that is borderline child abuse on its own, a trollish way for his growth. I can symphatize with that, but still not enough to condone for his smug silliness, when he had his own cadre of harem.

    And miorine, goddamn miorine, she negotiate like little girl asking new car for her 16th birthday. She didn’t have the control flow or upperhand in negotiation, let other party dictate and let herself be underestimated. She even fail to use the incident to blame the other party with excuse of assassinating her…. i feels like having second hand embarassment, no wonder Bob feels the need to do the talking, but nice going buddy, let yerself be distracted for some punk when you are handling a billion dollaridoos project… well, at least you get the plot moving.

    1. Heh the role of Fen Jun and her spy/investigator status is one of those things which I’m holding from going off at until the finale. This can either crash and burn spectacularly or wind up making up for the long-winded first season, just have to wait and see.

  2. Never trust the person wearing a mask in a Gundam show. I guess we’ll see is Suletta ends up fighting her mother or not. I would imagine she’ll try to talk her down first.

  3. I did not expect Guel would bump into the same boy who tried to feed him when Guel was a prisoner. While that boy isn’t innocent, I pitied the child for being born on Earth in a worse condition.

    Watching Miorine negotiate with Eartian big wigs made her look so cool and adorable. Looks like both Suletta and Norea are out of commission for a bit.

  4. Cant wait for Shaddiqs plans to explode in his own face.
    Considering entire Space United Nations is getting ready to stamp his little rebellion out, and Prospera isalso going to get him (which is arguably even more scary)…


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