OP Sequence

OP: 「クラクラ」 (Kura Kura) by (Ado)

「ちちとははをびこうせよ」 (Chichi to Haha o Bikō Seyo)
“Follow Papa and Mama”

Spy x Family is back again for another season and with a cheerfully bright OP and ED that capture the vintage fluffy high action energy of the series. If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you watched the first season and spare you the “last time on SxF” recap, which the premiere already did anyway.

SxF wastes no time in diving into the delightfully comedic duo of Yor and Loid (Eguchi Takuya), courtesy of Yor (Hayami Saori) nursing a sore behind after a rough night on the job. Loid panics assuming he’s the cause of Yor’s foul mood and suggests a date while Yor, in the eagerness to study that foreign experience called dating, forgets her soreness. I do find it a bit surprising that someone with Yor’s caliber of reflexes would get caught with her guard down like that, but hey, even Swiss cheese has holes and I still enjoy that.

With Loid, nothing is ever as simple as it’s supposed to be and he goes way extra with a chauffeured car rather than just driving themselves in the family car- not to mention the 862 different date plans he quickly formulated the night before. Experienced as he is at winning the ladies, Loid still has yet to learn that there are times, especially with dates, when you can’t plan everything to the letter. He hilariously panics when Yor insists on going for a nice stroll (the cushy car seat worse than a bed of needles for her predicament), cutting his date options down to a measly 62. The crux of the comedic dynamic between Yor and Loid is perfectly captured here- Loid the straight-laced Type A guy and Yor who always bats totally out of left field.

Unfortunately, none of Loid’s 62 date ideas quite hits the mark (or at least so it appears at first) and Yor ends up standing for everyone one of them for obvious reasons (to her that is). To top it off, the pair is tailed by Anya (Tanezaki Atsumi) and fun uncle Franky (Yoshino Hiroyuki) (or at least the paid to be fun uncle). I find it ironic that Franky seems to be having the most fun out of everyone.

While Yor apparently has no built up tolerance for bullets, she does, fortunately, have a tolerance for poison. Literally saving her butt when a pissed off ex-Red Circus member tries to do her in vengeance for his buddies who she killed. Whenever you’ve got the Forger trio around, even the best laid plans get terribly foiled– the quick thinking Anya saves the day (of course, only Anya would think of making a peanut bomb).

We do end things on a serious note, Yor commenting that Loid gave her the fun times she missed out on when busy raising her brother. As whacky as Yor is, life certainly has not been sunshine and roses for her, which the same could be said for each of the Forgers. Which is the beauty of this family- though they’re fake in name, they have become the haven, the family for each other that they didn’t have before, so in a sense, they are an ideal family in spirit.

I felt like the premiere did a pretty good job of encapsulating the zany spirit of SxF and picked up where things left off as if no time had passed between S1 and S2. The plot holes aside, it was a fun watch if I let the whackiness wash over me without analyzing it too hard- even I need a show like that every once in a while.

ED Sequence

ED: 「トドメの一撃 feat. Cory Wong」 (Todome no Ichigeki feat. Cory Wong) by (Vaundy)


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