Amagami SS+ plus – 10

「中多紗江 後編 オネガイ」 (Nakata Sae Kouhen – Onegai)
“Nakata Sae, Second Chapter – Wish”

We come to a close that turned out to be quite a strong arc! Sae keeps strong, Junichi goes through his redemption, and Miya eats as always. Although I do not personally enjoy Sae as a character, her arc’s development was pulled off well, including the things that make Amagami arcs enjoyable.

Introduction – “Every Day I’m Fightin’ the Power”


tssk…at first I was going to write my introduction as a bunch of lyrics mimicking COOLISH WALK (Working!!’ OP), but then I realized it was already midnight. I’ll spare the awkwardness for another time…another post :3.

‘so, I am Zanibas, one of the new writers! Some of you may recognize me, as I’ve been on and off of RandomC for years now, all the way back to when Omni was writing. Random Curiosity may be full of history, but I particularly remember Jaalin’s posts, whose semi-silly examinations of anime aspects were appealing (perhaps you’ll see a similar style in some of my future posts…). To be part of the blog that has introduced me to great anime is a HUGE honor, so let me say, “I am in your care, dear reader!” ^^’…please don’t hurt me >_< .

Coobie’s contract says I shall be a “specialty writer” who focuses on Romantic Comedies and obscure shows. Heard of Taishou Yakyuu Musume? Obscure and light on comedic romance, it’s one of the shows I often recommend. However, popular or obscure, you’ll see me hanging around these genres. As my first assignment, I will be covering the rest of Amagami SS+, starting with the 2nd half of Sae’s arc, and then most likely pick up a romantic comedy for the spring. Comment if you have a recommendation!

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