Introduction – “Entering the Big Leagues”

When Divine asked me if I wanted to join Random Curiosity as a contributing writer, I was, in sequential order, shocked, thrilled and honored.

RC was really the first anime blog I ever visited regularly – and it was the inspiration for me to start my own blog, Lost in America. I’ve spent the last year building the site up – posting frequently, networking, tweaking. And I’m proud of it. But if you start a community newspaper and manage to build a small readership, when the New York Times calls and asks if you’d like to write some articles for them, your only question is “When can I start?”

Divine has been very kind about allowing me to split my time, so Lost in America will go on, – I’ll blog several additional series there, plus the other stuff I like to cover – TV series like “Game of Thrones”, manga, my occasional Japan trips… I really hope you’ll check it out from time to time and leave me your feedback, as I put a lot into it. And, as hard as it is for me to believe, I’ll be blogging anime at Random Curiosity. I’m incredibly excited for that opportunity and I intend to do my best to make a real contribution to what I consider the best anime blog there is. My only disappointment is not getting the chance to work with Kiiragi, but I’ll do my best to keep up with the rest of the team.

…more after the break.