C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 02

「Coincidence (暗合)」 (Angou)

This is getting pretty interesting to say the least, as Masakaki whisks Kimimaro away to the center of the Financial District, a giant stock exchange in which entres (entrepreneurs) and their assets fight in “deals” for each other’s money.

Deadman Wonderland – 02

「解毒剤(キャンディ)」 (Gedokuzai (Kyandi))
“Antidote (Candy)”

There’s a psychotic opening sequence included this week, showing a lot of red and featuring some of the other deadmen, plus a little fan-service for both guys and girls. It fits pretty well with the dark themes in the series and the demented amusement park (even if there’s no reason for a costume to smile like that).

Deadman Wonderland – 01

「死刑囚」 (Shikeishuu)
“Dead Man Walking”

I didn’t know about this series before, but after burning through 40+ chapters of the manga in a day, I was sold and was excited for the anime adaptation to come out. My main fear was that there would be excessive censoring because it’s TV anime, not DVD or theaters, and also that the one cour may not be enough. There’s quite a bit of material and getting cut short would be no good.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 01

「complication (複雑)」 (Fukuzatsu)

Money is power. Money is the root of all evil. That’s the theme in this supernatural finance series. At least, that’s the impression I got seeing a debt-ridden businessman making a deal with devil at a bank ATM, complete with an evil sounding machine voice and demonic taxi driver. I didn’t really know what exactly I was getting into before this episode, since the subject matter was unusual, but the potential is exciting.

Hourou Musuko – 11 (END)

「放浪息子はどこまでも ~Wandering son’s progress~」 (Hourou Musuko wa Doko made mo ~Wandering son’s progress~)
“Always a Wandering Son ~Wandering son’s progress~”

This was certainly a satisfying finale. Slice of life doesn’t really ever conclude since there is no central plotline to start with, but there was some closure and previous events were alluded to, making it feel somewhat like the conclusion of an essay. For one, I would say the three main characters Nitori, Takatsuki and Saori have definitely made up, after their friendship broke up before the events of the anime.

Massive 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan

[flv:Japan_Tsunami_Aftermath.mp4 550 310] News footage from NHK and CNN

As most of you are already aware, Japan suffered a major earthquake last Friday (3/11), last reported to be 9.0 magnitude, making it the largest ever recorded in the country’s history. The epicenter struck off the coast of Sendai in the Miyagi prefecture and caused a catastrophic tsunami which hit the eastern coastline. The quake and its aftershocks caused heavy damage, but was incomparable to the destruction of the waves. Sendai was hit by a massive 10-meter tsunami traveling at jet speeds and many other cities such as Tokyo suffered 4-meter high waves as well. Everything in the tsunami’s path was swept away, including entire towns, and many people were stranded by the water.

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Hourou Musuko – 08

「春 ~Brand new me~」 (Haru ~Brand new me~)
“Spring ~Brand new me~”

Flashfoward to spring now, and the classes have been redistributed. It seems like Takatsuki got through to Chiba, at least partly, as she returned to school. I feel she has opened up a bit — at least to everyone except Sarashima (who is still blissfully ignorant of her hate). Chiba also got Takatsuki to grow out her hair, and I have to agree that it looks better.

Hourou Musuko – 07

「薔薇色の頬 ~Growing pains~」 (Barairo no Hoo ~Growing pains~)
“Rosy Cheeks ~Growing pains~”

Well ready or not, puberty is coming and Nitori will have to say goodbye to his baby face and hello to acne. Obviously he’s quite distressed over his first pimple, going as far as to ask Anna for help then sleeping at seven in the evening. Result: pimple count doubled.