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Accel World – 10

「出撃; Activation」 (Shutsugeki)

I was expecting this week’s episode to start the confrontation with Chrome Disaster, but what a surprise when the episode ended and it was all a ploy…

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June 18, 2012 at 8:42 pm Comments (53)

Accel World – 09

「Escalation; 激化」 (Gekika)

First things first… I have to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this arc with Kouzuki Yuniko (aka Scarlet Rain). With all the introductions out of the way, the real story begins…

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June 2, 2012 at 11:24 pm Comments (92)

Accel World – 08

「Temptation; 誘惑」 (Yuuwaku)

And the story finally starts getting interesting… starting with that bathroom scene.

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Accel World – 07

「Restoration; 修復」 (Shuufuku)

After last week’s lack of Kuroyukihime screen caps, I was going to do 36 caps solely of her. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out very well…

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Accel World – 06

「Retribution; 応報」 (Ouhou)

Chiyuri’s such a great girlfriend! All she needs are sweets and a few books to relieve some anger and stress. I’ve chucked a book at someone before – not in the head but in a more sensitive area. You can imagine the rest.

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Accel World – 05

「Aviation: 飛翔」 (Hishou)

If I had any supernatural power in the world… it would definitely be the ability to fly. Oh! And pretty wings to go along with it =)

Note: Apologies for the late post! Real life is a handful sometimes and I’m glad that everyone’s been so patient and understanding…

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Accel World – 04

「Declaration; 告白」 (Kokuhaku)

So I take back almost everything I said about Kuroyukihime. I can see why so many people love her now, and I don’t disagree, she has her own style of getting her point across.

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Accel World – 03

「Investigation; 探索」 (Tensaku)

We finally get a brand new episode this week and it was packed full with information and revelations.

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Accel World – 02

「Transformation; 変移」 (Heni)

Last week we left off with Haruyuki’s first confrontation with Ash Roller.

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Accel World – 01

「Acceleration; 加速」 (Kasoku)

Accel World starts off by introducing our protagonist as a short, chubby boy who has captured the attention of the most popular girl in school.

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