Amagami SS – 19

「桜井梨穂子編 第三章 ヒキツギ」 (Sakurai Rihoko-hen Dai Sanshou – Hikitsugi)
“Sakurai Rihoko Chapter 3 – Inheriting”

For a childhood character, there were probably numerous ways they could have spun Rihoko’s story. Going against the norm, it’s already gone beyond the usual Christmas cut-off for a conclusion and made it to New Year’s Day.

Amagami SS – 18

「桜井梨穂子編 第二章 テツダイ」 (Sakurai Rihoko-hen Dai Nishou – Tetsudai)
“Sakurai Rihoko Chapter 2 – Helper”

Thus far, Rihoko’s arc has definitely been one of the more unassuming ones. Because of their childhood history, not a whole lot has been developing on the relationship front; however, I’m still anticipating the “big moment” to creep up on me amidst all the Tea Ceremony Club stuff.

Amagami SS – 17

「桜井梨穂子編 第一章 オモイデ」 (Sakurai Rihoko-hen Dai Isshou – Omoide)
“Sakurai Rihoko Chapter 1 – Memories”

The childhood friend arc has arrived, and with it a much cuter Rihoko than all the previous ones had me believe. I guess it’s true what they say about how one’s perception of someone can drastically change once you get to know them. As this is only the first episode, I’m nowhere near jumping on the Rihoko bandwagon just yet, but can definitely see some of her cuter charm points.

Amagami SS – 16

「七咲逢編 最終章 コクハク」 (Nanasaki Ai-hen Saishuushou – Kokuhaku)
“Nanasaki Ai Final Chapter – Confession”

Between Ai and Junichi running the girls swim club’s oden booth and Itou Kanae walking away with the Miss Santa championship because Haruka was a no-show, the founder’s festival as a whole didn’t quite have much relationship-related development in it. The two of them were alone together, but too busy serving the endless line of customers that the other members of the swim team were bringing in.

Amagami SS – 15

「七咲逢編 第三章 ヘンシン」 (Nanasaki Ai-hen Dai San-shou – Henshin)
“Nanasaki Ai Chapter 3 – Transformation”

I think I just watched some “ramen porn”, whatever the heck that means. Aside from some surreal vibes during Junichi and Ai’s date at the amusement park, this episode also showcased an emotional side to the story not yet seen in the three arcs prior.

Amagami SS – 14

「七咲逢編 第二章 トキメキ」 (Nanasaki Ai-hen Dai Nishou – Tokimeki)
“Nanasaki Ai Chapter 2 – Throbbing”

Despite the high probability of seeing a new opening in a two-cour series, I admittedly wasn’t expecting one with Amagami SS due to the unique endings every arc. That’s not to say I’m not grateful for it, as all the girls look great in the sequence. It also happens to feature Nanasaki Ai at the very end since we’re currently on her arc.

Amagami SS – 13

「七咲逢編 第一章 サイアク」 (Nanasaki Ai-hen Dai Isshou – Saiaku)
“Nanasaki Ai Chapter 1 – The Worst”

The arc I’ve been looking forward to the most has arrived! Logically speaking, flashing the bottom portion of a swimsuit shows just as much skin as underwear would, yet girls tend to feel that one is socially acceptable while the other is indecent. I guess we can cast another one off to how we’ve all been “brainwashed” by social norms.

Amagami SS – 12

「中多紗江編 最終章 コイビト」 (Nakata Sae-hen Saishuushou – Koibito)
“Nakata Sae Final Chapter – Lovers”

Sae may have looked really innocent in the wedding dress she sewed and wore for the Best Couple Contest, but the black one with frills, a choker, full-length gloves, and stockings that Miya picked out for her date with Junichi totally trumped it. I just wish they showed her taking off her pink coat to reveal that outfit underneath for even more impact.

Amagami SS – 11

「中多紗江編 第三章 ヘンカク」 (Nakata Sae-hen Dai Sanshou – Henkaku)
“Nakata Sae Chapter 3 – Change”

We’re three-quarters the way through Sae’s arc and there haven’t been any sign of kinky kissing going on. Instead, they hit us with the tentacle/bondage fetish from a live-action sentai show at an amusement park of all things. This may be a comedic arc, but have they no shame!?

Amagami SS – 10

「中多紗江編 第二章 トックン」 (Nakata Sae-hen Dai Nishou – Tokkun)
“Nakata Sae Chapter 2 – Special Training”

Remember how I said Junichi needs to be on a leash around Sae? Well, make that in a prison cell with the way he’s “training” her into an AV actress. I actually said “oh god” out loud on at least three times this episode because I saw where they were going with it and didn’t want to see it happen.