Amagami SS – 09

「中多紗江編 第一章 コウハイ」 (Nakata Sae-hen Dai Isshou – Kouhai)
“Nakata Sae Chapter 1 – Junior”

Well this was unexpected. Our romantic drama suddenly became a romantic comedy with the introduction of our sarcastic narrator (Nakata Jouji). It’s verging on Hayate no Gotoku and Ookami-san levels too, with the way Junichi will break the fourth wall to save himself some face.

Amagami SS – 08

「棚町薫編 最終章 シンテン」 (Tanamachi Kaoru-hen Saishuushou – Shinten)
“Tanamachi Kaoru Final Chapter – Progress”

Well the end of this arc sure was different. Not only did it leave out a time-skip to show how Junichi and Kaoru are like in the future, it also put a very sweet touch on their development that I was thinking we might see — Kaoru confessing to Junichi.

Amagami SS – 07

「棚町薫編 第三章 ウラギリ」 (Tanamachi Kaoru-hen Dai Sanshou – Uragiri)
“Tanamachi Kaoru Chapter 3 – Betrayal”

With the way things ended last time, I really didn’t know what to make of this episode coming in. The family drama aspect hasn’t been touched upon amidst all the kissing fetishes, so this third chapter of Kaoru’s arc gave some unexpected depth to the series as a whole.

Amagami SS – 05

「棚町薫編 第一章 アクユウ」 (Tanamachi Kaoru-hen Dai Isshou – Akuyuu)
“Tanamachi Kaoru Chapter 1 – Bad Company”

The story may have reset and started off very similarly for Tanamachi Kaoru’s route, but it’s like a whole new ball game with the spunky attitude she brings along. She isn’t nicknamed “Kibitou’s Nuke” for no reason, and goes on to show how much fun her outgoing personality is.

Amagami SS – 03

「森島はるか編 第三章 ヤキモチ」 (Morishima Haruka-hen Dai Sanshou – Yakimochi)
“Morishima Haruka Chapter 3 – Jealousy”

With the way Haruka teases yet puts out now, I can sort of see why part of Japan’s population has given up on 3D girls. These dating simulation girls aren’t realistic whatsoever and Haruka’s behavior blew my mind away more than once over the course of this episode.

Amagami SS – 02

「森島はるか編 第二章 セッキン」 (Morishima Haruka-hen Dai Nishou – Sekkin)
“Morishima Haruka Chapter 2 – Getting Closer”

Jesus Christ, Haruka is the biggest flirt ever. I’m inclined to believe that she’s aware what a huge tease she is now, but that flirtatious Itou Shizuka voice is like a damn Achilles’ heel of mine so I’m at her mercy too.

Amagami SS – 01

「森島はるか編 第一章 アコガレ」 (Morishima Haruka-hen Dai Isshou – Akogare)
“Morishima Haruka Chapter 1 – Yearning”

While I have my reservations about this turning out be romance drama that will fill the void left by true tears, this first showing of AIC‘s adaptation of Enterbrain’s romance simulation game does show potential.