Quick Update

  • Just a brief reminder folks, there’s not Bleach tomorrow (errr, today). We’ll have to wait till December 6th for episode 60.
  • In light of what happened in the comments of last week’s Bleach entry, I implemented spoiler tags. Please use <spoiler></spoiler> around any major spoilers for any series.
  • The title for the final episode of Da Capo Second Season is going to be 「幸せの鐘」 (The Bell of Happiness)
  • Blogging Updates

  • I just got through a period of exams, so regular blogging should resume shortly. On the schedule for today are Angel Heart and Lamune, but I will also be finishing the Shakugan no Shana post that I skipped last week. Last ep of Tsubasa Chronicle (maybe) and Canvas2 (also maybe) too.
  • Bleach tomorrow will be late. Very late compared to normal (I estimate the post’ll be up sometime in the evening).
  • Some of you may have noticed that there is now a Donation Button on the sidebar. Popularity for this site and all of the sites on AnimeBlogger has gone up quite a bit recently, and we’re starting to feel the crunch. If you have a dollar or two extra, we would really appreciate some donations.

    DreamHost is nice enough to have a direct donation option, so you can be sure the money won’t go to anything but hosting.
  • Random Musings: Bleach and New Shows

  • Just a heads up, tomorrow’s episode of Bleach is the hourlong special airing at a special time: 7:55PM to 8:54PM Japan Standard Time, which equates to 6:55AM to 7:54AM EST. How does this affect blogging? The show is airing an hour and a half later than usual, plus it’ll be an hour long (meaning twice the filesize). Compound that with my own schedule, and I don’t anticipate being able to have a blog out for it until sometime between 2PM to 4PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • I was going to pick up Angel Heart, and that would have become my new Monday show (to replace Aquarion). However, it’s turning out that Angel Heart’s first airing is really really hard to find. Instead, I may (keyword: MAY) pick up ToHeart2, and permanently move Angel Heart to Tuesdays (when it gets a second airing on a different station). That is, assuming I decide to blog both shows.
    Scratch that, Angel Heart‘s still my Monday show. I watched ToHeart2, but it just isn’t my cup of tea. Yes yes I know, this coming from the person who’s also blogging DCSS, Canvas2, and SHUFFLE!. Maybe that’s precisely the reason though (h-game adapted series overload).
  • Random Musings

  • Since Maestro got me interested in the Nana manga all the way back in June, I’ve been reading a lot of Yazawa Ai’s mangas, including Gokinjo Monogatari, Kagen no Tsuki, Nana, and most recently, Paradise Kiss. Yazawa-san’s mangas are all very deep and engaging, with great story telling and lots of emotion. The art took a little getting used to, but I absolutely love it now. And her work is getting even more publicity now with the release of the upcoming Nana movie and Paradise Kiss anime series, which I will definitely be watching. ParaKiss even got a little 5 second commercial at the end of today’s episode of Honey & Clover. I’ll talk more about the series when it starts to air in October (and boy will I have a lot to say).
  • On a similar vein, I’ll be preparing a Fall 2005 Schedule sometime very soon. I probably won’t be picking up that many shows, as several of the current series I’m covering are still continuing. The only shows that I know I’m going to watch right now are the aforementioned Paradise Kiss, Black Cat, and Karin. The reason 舞-乙HiME isn’t on the list is because it’s another Thursday show. If I pick that up, that’s 4 Thursday shows (since both PK and BC are also Thurs, plus the ongoing SHUFFLE!). Anyway, I’ll talk about this more when more air dates get released and I decide on a preliminary schedule.
  • Bleach’s new timeslot for the fall is 19:30, one hour after when it currently airs. As it turns out, this doesn’t really affect me blogging the series since Daylight Saving Time kicks in in late October, which should mean status quo. That is, assuming I’m doing the time calculations correctly.