BLOOD-C – 03

「ひとはいさ」 (Hito wa Isa)
“With People…”

I’m not too sure how to take Nene and Nono’s complaints about how boring their small town is, because it felt like CLAMP was trying to tell us that Blood-C’s been purposely uneventful so far. It was as if they were mocking us by saying they’re going to tell this story their way and that they could care less about any bandwagoners who have already hopped off.

BLOOD-C – 01

「あまつかぜ」 (Amatsukaze)
“Heavenly Wind”

Production I.G and female mangaka group CLAMP’s latest addition to the Blood franchise is here, and it uses the same concept as the variations before it in an all-new story. That concept entails a high school girl named Kisaragi Saya (Mizuki Nana), who uses the “Goshintou” katana passed down by her father’s shrine to defeat ancient vampiric demons known as “Furukimono” that prey on humans.