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Free! – 11

「激情のオールアウト!」 (激情のオールアウト!)
“Furious All Out!”

If there’s one thing Kyoani can do at the tip of a hat, it’s set the stage for a miraculous ending.

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Free! – 10

「苛立ちのハートレイト!」 (Iradachi No Haatoreito)
“Irritated Heartrate”

Man, what happened to Rin? Sarcastic but fun, less shark teeth and more smiling, Rin used to be the definition of the hot guy that everyone likes to be around!

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Free! – 09

「迷いのルーズンアップ!」 (Mayoi no Ruuzun Appu!)
“Hesitant Loosen Up!”

As much as I hate stale plot points that serve almost no purpose except to force the story in a certain direction, Free! must be doing something right.

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Free! – 08

「逆襲のメドレー!」 (Gyakushuu no Medoree!)
“The Medley Counterattack!”

While I don’t really consider myself someone who can really talk about “character development” in a compelling way, I really love what Kyoani is doing with Haru.

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Free! – 07

「決戦のスタイルワン!」 (Kessen no Sutairuwon!)
“One Final Style”

I am completely stunned by how this episode ended — and I mean completely and utterly stunned.

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Free! – 05, 06

「衝撃のノーブリージング!」 (Shougeki no Nooburiizingu!)
“Shocking No Breathing!”

No this show hasn’t been dropped — that’d be insane!

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Free! – 04

「囚われのバタフライ!」 (Toreware no Batafurai!)
“Captive Butterfly!”

I had an excerpt written, but I think it’s fitting to change it to this — DELICIOUS~

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Free! – 03

「理論のドルフィンキック!」 (Riron no Dorufinkikku!)
“Theoretical Dolphin Kick!”

Back from the abyss, Takaii is back to cover the show that would make some guys turn their head away in shame. But not I, because not only do I accept all those abs, triceps, and shoulders; I OPENLY EMBRACE THEM.

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Free! – 02

「追憶のディスタンス!」 (Tsuioku no Disutansu!)
“Memories in the Distance!”

Like its main character, Free! is only really exceptional when it’s in the water.

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Free! – 01

「再会のスターティングブロック 」 (Saikai no Sutātingu Burokku!)
“Starting Block of Reunions!”

Let the insanity begin – Free! at last!

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