Guilty Crown – 13

「学園 isolation」 (Gakuen)

After the conclusion of “Guilty Crown season one” last week, I’m admittedly torn over the direction of this continuation. The new opening sequence foreshadows a much darker and gloomier tone with Shuu manning up in Gai’s absence, but the episode itself switches back to the school life side of things with a culture festival during a quarantine lockdown.

Guilty Crown – Special

「軌跡 reassortment」 (Kiseki)

For a one-hour recap special that added absolutely nothing new — not even from the small amounts of narration — this felt like a pilot episode more than anything else. Viewing it as such, I dare say it was a pretty darn good one too because it cut out all the irksome developments and simply focused on all the stuff that makes Guilty Crown good.

Guilty Crown – 11

「共鳴 resonance」 (Kyoumei)

Considering how the last episode went, this week’s was definitely a step in the right direction. Most of my complaints about Shuu’s flakiness were addressed with him coming clean with his friends about his Void Genome; however, just as things were looking up, the writers had to script in the most unconvincing reason to get them to help him save Funeral Parlor — “They believed in me.”

Guilty Crown – 10

「縮退 retraction」 (Shukutai)

I’d like to think that I’m pretty forgiving as far as anime goes — particularly when it comes to overused stereotypes — but while Guilty Crown’s done a decent job of avoiding that pitfall lately, there always seems to be something else that rubs me the wrong way. This time it was Shuu and almost everything about his character.

Guilty Crown – 06

「檻 leukocytes」 (Ori)

I haven’t been as harsh on Guilty Crown as some viewers who may or may not be trying to find faults with it simply because it’s popular, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking at it objectively either. If there’s something that I find irksome, you can be rest assured that I’ll bring it up, much like in this sixth episode where I felt there was a serious discontinuity in the characters’ behavior from the previous week.

Guilty Crown – 05

「訓練 a preparation」 (Kunren)

In the back of my mind, I knew better than to trust a pretty face and already suspected that Gai might be using Inori to get Shuu to join them, but I’m still kind of disappointed with the cold shoulder that Inori’s giving Shuu all of a sudden. The only thing worse than a tease is a tease with a manipulative ulterior motive, regardless of whether she’s simply following orders or not.