Gundam AGE – 07

「進化するガンダム」 (Shinka Suru Gandamu)
“Evolving Gundam”

For anyone coming off the latest episode of Gundam Unicorn, it’s easy to draw parallels between the lingering hatred between the Earth Federation and Zeon to the hatred between Euba and Zalam, but it’s also easy to see that AGE’s variation lacks the seriousness and severity seen in the Universal Century timeline.

Gundam AGE – 03

「ゆがむコロニー」 (Yugamu Koronii)
“Distorted Colony”

If they had just told me that there was going to be a huge rocket attached to the other end of the colony core and that Bruzar was going to try and escape himself after detaching it, there really wouldn’t have been anything for me to nitpick about last time. Believability on moving a massive mass in a short amount of time? Check. No needless throwaway death for the commander who adopted Flit? Check.