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Haikyuu!! Second Season – 12

「試合開始!!」 (Shiai Kaishi)
“Let the Games Begin!!”

The Miyagi Preliminaries are now underway. It’s all volleyball action from here on out!

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December 20, 2015 at 8:52 am Comments (11)

Haikyuu!! Second Season – 11

「上」 (Ue)

No series captures the silliness of teenage boys (and girls) quite like Haikyuu!! Whether on or off the court, it’s impossible not to love all of these goofballs.

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December 13, 2015 at 5:53 am Comments (15)

Haikyuu!! Second Season – 10

「歯車」 (Haguruma)

How would I describe this episode? Quintessential Haikyuu!!

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Haikyuu!! Second Season – 09

「VS 傘」 (VS Kasa)
“VS. Umbrella”

The pace may be steady, but the developments are aplenty.

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November 28, 2015 at 5:26 pm Comments (10)

Haikyuu!! Second Season – 08

「幻覚ヒーロー」 (Genkaku Hirou)
“Illusionary Hero”

This is the moment many manga fans have been eagerly anticipating. And as expected, it was a big one.

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Haikyuu!! Second Season – 07

「月の出」 (Tsuki no Shutsu)

Let the Tsukki character development begin!

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Haikyuu!! Second Season – 06

「テンポ」 (Tenpo)

Every good training arc needs an adrenaline-pumping montage.

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Haikyuu!! Second Season – 05

「欲」 (“Yoku” )

It turns out there’s trouble in paradise with our prodigy duo.

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November 1, 2015 at 7:34 am Comments (13)

Haikyuu!! Second Season – 04

「“センターエース”」 (“Senta Esu” )
“Center Ace”

Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go, Tokyo!

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October 25, 2015 at 8:16 am Comments (14)

Haikyuu!! Second Season – 03

「村人B」 (Murabito B)
“Townsperson B”

While the boys are killing it on the court, it’s the girls who are running the show. Haikyuu!! was criminally lacking in female characters last season, but the introduction of Yachi has changed that for the better, and there’s no going back now.

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Haikyuu!! Second Season – 02

「直射日光」 (Chokusha Nikkou)
“Direct Sunlight”

I have been waiting all year to finally see Yachi animated, and it was everything I could have hoped for! Enter Karasuno’s new trainee volleyball manager – she’s a bundle of sunshine and joy and hilarity, and she may just be your new favourite character after this episode.

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Haikyuu!! Second Season – 01

「レッツゴートーキョー!!」 (Rettsu go Tokyo!!)
“Let’s Go To Tokyo!!”

Haikyuu!! is back, and I have never been happier!

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Haikyuu!! – OVA

「ハイキュー!! ジャンプスペシャルアニメフェスタ2014」
“Haikyuu!!: Jump Festa 2014 Special”

Haikyuu!! is back, but this time it’s the cats of Nekoma getting all the attention.

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Haikyuu!! – 25 (END)

「三日目」 (Mikka Me)
“Day 3″

While the epilogue finale of Haikyuu was mostly subdued like I was anticipating, there sure were a lot of frustrated outbursts to keep things interesting.

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Haikyuu!! – 24

「脱・“孤独の王様”」 (Datsu, “Kodoku no Oosama”)
“The Former, ‘King of Solitude’”

As far as this adaptation of Haikyuu is concerned, this episode is the finale. The past five episodes depicting Karasuno’s match against Aoba Jousai have culminated to this third set, win-by-two moment, and it ends in a way that’s not as surprising as one would think. Or at least, not as surprising to me as it may have been to some other viewers.

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