High School DxD – 10

「決戦、始まります!」 (Kessen, Hajimarimasu!)
“The Showdown Begins!”

This is the kind of battle I love. A good old one-on-one fight can be fun, but large-scale battles between groups bring out so many more possibilities, so much more tactical depth that it makes them really a treat to behold. The fact that this episode included strip magic and Lina Inverse-caliber nukes just made it all the better.

High School DxD – 09

「修行、はじめました!」 (Shugyō, Hajimemashita!)
“My Training Begins!”

Issei is taking it up a whole other level. While before he had nothing on the Great Perverts of the Ages, now it looks like he’s gunning to join their ranks…and maybe just become The One to Rule Them All. I take back what I said before…we need to to get him and Sakurai Tomoki together for a brainstorming session. Man, Angeloid and Devil-kind would quake in fear at the perverted works they will usher onto this earth!

High School DxD – 08

「喧嘩,売ります!」 (Kenkauri Rimasu!)
“I pick a fight!”

I was pretty busy this past week, what with the job, the partying and all the beautiful women that were chasing after me (note: two of those things are a lie), so when it came time to watch this episode I had completely forgotten about the whole fiancé / Rias-senpai’s virginity teaser from last week. I was reminded really quickly though. But should a devil really be wearing white? Hmmm…

High School DxD – 07

「使い魔、ゲットします!」 (Tsukaima, Getto Shimasu!)
“I’ll Get a Familiar!”

So here I find myself already covering Zero no Tsukaima, and suddenly this show is playing the familiar card as well. Naturally, this can only mean one thing – comparison time! So how does High School DxD’s treatment of the Familiar trope stack up? Tune in to find out.

High School DxD – 06

「アクマ、やってます!」 (Akuma, Yattemasu!)
“My Job as a Devil!”

I hate to say it, but to me High School DxD works best when it’s light-hearted, ridiculous and focuses on comedy rather than the plot…as anime, at least. I can’t speak to the light novels, but even though I enjoyed the plot-centric episodes, I think I enjoyed this one even more.

High School DxD – 05

「元カノ,倒します!」 (Moto Kano, Taoshi Masu!)
“Going to Beat My Ex-Girlfriend!”

This is the episode where Rias-senpai takes the gloves off and shows exactly why she’s the King, and why the Gremory clan is feared. People really shouldn’t mess with Rias-senpai or her family. That’s not the kind of mistake you get to make twice.

High School DxD – 04

「友達,救います!」 (Tomodachi, Sukui Masu!)
“Going to Save a Friend!”

Suddenly High School DxD has turned into a fanservice show with…actually not that much fanservice. If you dropped this show because of gratuitious nudity, you will probably still be annoyed when it inevitably returns, but in the meantime us pervs are getting to enjoy a little plot. Nice.

High School DxD – 02

「人間、やめました!」 (Ningen, Yamemashita!)
“I Stopped Being Human!”

I must admit that I came away from this episode liking several characters less. There was still plenty of Issei being ridiculous, Rias-senpai being sexy and Issei’s friends being hilariously jealous, but there were undercurrents to their actions that I found off-putting.

High School DxD – 01

「彼女、できました!」 (Kanojo, Dekimashita!)
“I Got A Girlfriend”

A school that has changed from an all-girls school to a co-ed one. Gasp! I have never heard of such a thing before. Other than twice last season…and 15,532 times before that. And I’m alright with this!

Warning: thar be nudity in this here post! If you’re offended by the soft nibbly bits, I suggest you steer clear. If, however, you like a little melon with your sundae, read on. This is the show for you.