Boom, Take Two

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Incremental Progress

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At least this week’s chapter of Ane Doki was nice…

Let the Battle Begin

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Nothing To See Here…

Okay, so that’s not exactly true.
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On a related note, I’m having fun reading Hatsukoi Limited/Ichigo 100% mangaka Kawashita Mizuki‘s newest series in Weekly Jump, Ane Doki. The first two chapters haven’t exactly been breaking any ground story-wise – it follows a junior high school boy who finds himself being taken care of by a busty high school girl – but it’s good mindless romance comedy fun with art that only Kawashita Mizuki can deliver (main girl Natsuki is drawn a lot like Misaki from HL). I can definitely see this getting an anime adaptation next year or in 2011. You can read the first chapter here.