Mayo Chiki! – 03

「もちろん、ベッドの上で」 (Mochiron, Beddo no Ue de)
“In Bed Of Course”

I’m still not feeling the drama behind the Subaru’s sense of duty to server as Kanade’s butler, nor the “stand by me” encouragement by Kinjirou’s late father Jirou (Miyashita Eiji), yet I don’t seem to mind one bit while watching this series. Talk about some clear oversight of screenplay in favor of personal entertainment from the romantic comedy-like antics. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d watch this show just for Subaru.

Mayo Chiki! – 02

「大好きになっちゃった!」 (Daisuki ni Nacchatta!)
“I’ve Fallen in Love!”

Now now Jirou, I don’t have all those wild fetishes either, but when Kanade makes a strong case like she did, the least we can do is hear her out. She has some really creative ideas after all. There’s no reason to lose your appetite when honey is involved. Sweet sweet honey.

Note: A stuffed bear was harmed during the creation of this episode. Severely harmed in fact.