Mitsudomoe – 11

「マジで変する5秒前」 (Maji de Hen Suru 5 Byou Mae)
“Things Get Seriously Weird 5 Seconds Before”

Holy crap a masochistic mother played by Inoue Kikuko! I always knew she had a knack for taking her innocent Belldandy voice to questionable levels, but it still doesn’t make it any less wrong when it’s Miku’s mother Marina asking Mitsuba to verbally and physically abuse her.

Mitsudomoe – 10

「ⅹⅹⅹになる」 (xxx ni Naru)
“Become A ***”

Given how Mitsuba will lie out her ass like there’s no tomorrow just to save herself some embarrassment, the tool shed behind her house could probably be considered her second home. This time, it’s not about forgetting her underwear, but teaching naive first-graders that being a sex addict is a prestigious thing.

Mitsudomoe – 07

「ガチで愛してしょうがない!?」 (Gachi de Ai Shite Shouganai!?)
“Can’t Help Being Earnestly in Love!?”

Even with the school sports festival and Sakiko stripping down Yabecchi in his sleep, the humor felt a bit lacking last time. Luckily, this episode more than made up for it by going back to misunderstandings and finally bringing in the Gachi Rangers I mentioned back in the Summer 2010 Preview.