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Negima!? – 22

When they go to harvest some of the vegetables in the garden, the girls find the potatoes, carrots, and daikon in the shape of hands playing jankenpon.

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Negima!? – 21

As she hangs on a rope over a large body of water inside the library, Yue thinks to herself that she’s been hiding her feelings.

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February 21, 2007 at 10:27 am Comments (23)

Negima!? – 20

Although Takamichi is worried about the influence the darkness had on transforming the entire class and the instability inside this world, Evangeline quietly walks off because she’s had a painful headache since the morning.

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Negima!? – 19

Though they’re in the magic world, Negi is still holding classes and even Nekane is attending now.

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Negima!? – 18

Although Nekane isn’t aware, the entire class now knows that she’s the Black Rose Baron.

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Negima!? – 17

In the middle of the night, Asuna and Konoka find someone unexpected in the bath: Nekane Springfield.

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Negima!? – 16

After having a dream of a memory she shared with Asuna, Ayaka wakes up in her Negi-themed room, still stuck inside the magic world with everyone else.

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Negima!? – 15

With his students unsure of what to make of this place, Negi explains that this is a fake world created by magic.

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Negima!? – 14

Some of the girls are ready to fight against the new monster, but Takamichi acts first with a blast of his magic.

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Negima!? – 13

Stuck in an old castle in Wales, Negi’s students find out why he’s now a Chupacabra and end up blaming themselves for it.

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Random Musings – The Big Winter Break II Edition

Come this time of year, most anime series take a week or two break (last year was no different). To clear up any lingering schedule uncertainties that you may have, here is a table of what’s airing and what’s not for shows that I’m currently blogging.

Series This Week (12/25 to 12/31) Next Week (1/1 to 1/7) Following Week (1/8 to 1/14)
Pumpkin Scissors Episode 13 on Monday No Episode Episode 14 on Monday
D.Gray-man Episode 13 on Tuesday No Episode Episode 14 on Tuesday
DEATH NOTE Episode 12 on Tuesday No Episode Episode 13 on Tuesday
Negima!? Episode 13 on Wednesday Episode 14 on Thursday Episode 15 on Wednesday
Bleach No Episode Episode 109 on Thursday Episode 110 on Wednesday
Soukou no Strain No Episode No Episode Episode 10 on Wednesday
Kanon Episode 13 on Thursday Episode 14 on Thursday Episode 15 on Thursday
CODE GEASS No Episode Episode 12 on Thursday Episode 13 on Thursday
Ayakashi Ayashi No Episode Episode 13 on Saturday Episode 14 on Saturday

Please make particular note that Negima!? and Bleach will be airing episodes on Thursday, January 4th. They are being preempted from their normal Wednesday spots on January 3rd by an Enka New Year’s Special and then the Japan vs. Mexico Boxing Grand Prix. Unfortunately, this means that that particular Thursday will be completely hellish for me since it’ll be four shows on one day (maybe even five if I end up watching Saint October). And on that note, you can probably expect the Winter 2007 Shows Preview to go up sometime later this week.

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Negima!? – 12

Watching over a sleeping Konoka, Setsuna explains that she has sealed memories – happy ones from her childhood.

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Negima!? – 11

Returning to the dorm one night, Negi, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna find the Black Rose Baron eating in their room.

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December 13, 2006 at 12:08 pm Comments (86)

Negima!? – 10

Negi is discussing the mysterious red object with Takamichi, Eva, and the school headmaster.

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December 6, 2006 at 1:37 pm Comments (129)

Negima!? – 09

Negi has a dream about chasing after his father, but the person who appears before him is the Black Rose Baron instead.

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