Nichijou – 26 (END)

「日常26」 (Nichijou 26)
“My Ordinary Life 26”

It takes something special to give a series a good ending episode — especially for series longer than one-cour and this last episode of Nichijou didn’t just push the envelope. It stared at that envelope, ripped it in half, ate the pieces, and then lit itself on fire in order to make sure that there was no trace of an envelope.

Nichijou – 21

「日常21」 (Nichijou 21)
“My Ordinary Life 21”

It’s been a while since we had an episode that focused on mostly side characters, but this one was a lot more entertaining than the past ones. I’m not sure who the current director of the show is, but I’m glad that Nichijou has stopped throwing side characters into ridiculously random situations; instead, going for the more slice of life situations with the right kinds of random thrown in.