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「楽園の果実」 (Rakuen no Kajitsu)
“Fruit of Paradise”

Even the lull before the storm somehow manages to be more thought-provoking than most episodes of other shows.

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「あとは、沈黙」 (Ato wa, Chinmoku)
“The Rest, Is Silence”

While this series is set in a fascinating dystopian society just begging to be explored, it is also populated with equally fascinating psychopathic inhabitants who deserve just as much focus, if not more. Much can be learned about a society from the people who are most affected by it.

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「紫蘭の花言葉」 (Shiran no Hanakotoba)
“Symbolism of Bletilla Striata”

Ouryou Rikako redefines what it means to be a ladykiller – and a society that is able to give its citizens a life free of stress and suffering redefines what it means to be human.

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「狂王子の帰還」 (Kyou Ouji no Kikan)
“Return of the Psychotic Prince”

Sometimes it feels like one episode of this show contains as much material to mull over as multiple episodes of other shows.

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「誰も知らないあなたの顔」 (Daremo Shiranai Anata no Kao)
“No One Knows Your Face”

No one in this show seems to be familiar with the concept of interrogations, but at least some are still somewhat knowledgeable in philosophy!

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「誰も知らないあなたの仮面」 (Daremo Shiranai Anata no Kamen)
“No One Knows Your Mask”

What do you get when you cross PSYCHO-PASS with elements from Sword Art Online and Halloween?

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「成しうる者」 (Nashi Uru Mono)
“Those Capable”

Sibyl’s system is nowhere near perfect – there remain enough chinks in the armor for the darker side of man to slip through, as it unfortunately always seems to do.

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「成しうる者」 (Nashi Uru Mono)
“Those Capable”

While less exciting and thrilling than the first episode, PSYCHO-PASS’s sophomore outing still serves up plenty of food for thought as it begins building its detailed world.

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「犯罪係数う」 (Hanzai Keisuu)
“Crime Coefficient”

This premiere definitely raised thought-provoking questions in lockstep with thrills that can only be found at the end of a gun, but will it be able to smartly answer the issues it raises while sustaining a high level of action and tension like the best science-fiction detective dramas have to offer?

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