Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge – 01

Short Summary:
Kaoruko and Manami are a magical girl duo called Love Pheromone. They’re quite the odd pair because Manami is obsessed with little girls and big breasted women while Kaoruko is obsessed with little boys. In the first episode, they transform into Love Pheromone to fight some bad guys who’ve taken a hostage. However, when the police run away at the sight of Love Pheromone (after their ridiculous transformation and launch sequence), you know something is up.

Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei – 01

Short Summary:
Onohara Asami, 17 years old, is a high school student. Her secret is that she’s married to her teacher, Ichimaru Kyousuke (whom she calls Danna-sama). The first half of the episode centered around Asami trying to cook for Kyousuke on his birthday but failing miserably. He ends up liking the one bit of food that’s not ruined, which makes her very happy.

First Impressions: He Is My Master – 12 (END)

Short Summary:Izumi’s still feeling pretty down when Mitsuki and Anna tell her that Yoshitaka is up. Visiting him in the hospital though, it seems he isn’t feeling much better than Izumi was. She slaps some sense into him and they go to take back his house. Takami is there waiting …