Sky Girls – 01

You know, this show is really similar to Idolmaster… the earth gets ravaged by some uncontrollable force, men are inexplicably incapacitated to fight, and teenage girls have to shoulder the burden. I’ll leave the details to your viewing pleasure – suffice to say, we’re getting a lot of teen girls wearing plug suits flying these mecha type things that show off their flat chests to the fullest extent.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho – 01

Ah, summer. Beach, mizugi, boobs – the “natsu triumvirate.” Umisho is about a guy who can’t swim, and yet helps out with the swim club. Why? Because every anime chick has a rockin’ body. Can’t fault the guy for being a loser – not his fault he’s the male lead, but mad props for choosing a good place to live it out.

Doujin Work – 01

“Hey, did you get enough sleep? You look really out of it.”
“Nope, all-nighter.”
“Doing what, ecchi stuff? Hehe.”
“Yeah, actually.”
“I never heard you found someone…”
“No, it was by myself.”
“Staying up all night doing that w-with y-yourself?”
“If you’re so interested, want to help me next time?”