WORKING’!! – 01 (Pre-Airing)

「ぽうらの意地」 (Popura no Iji)
“Popura’s Disposition”

Just like its first season, the sequel to Working pre-airs its first episode a month ahead of its scheduled fall season start. The opening and ending sequences along with their themes “COOLISH WALK” and “Itsumo no you ni LOVE & PEACE!!” were similarly withheld for the regular premiere, but this was otherwise a full 24-minute dose of all things Wagnaria once again — now with an apostrophe in the title.

WORKING!! – 13 (END)

「デートと言う名の”決戦”、小鳥遊と伊波のそれから…」 (Deeto to Iu Na no “Kessen”, Takanashi to Inami no Sore kara…)
“Takanashi and Inami in the So-Called “Decisive Battle” of a Date…”

Better late than never I guess, as Matsumoto Maya (Kawase Akiko) finally gets some screen time and lines in the final episode.