WORKING!! – 02

「伊波、男性恐怖症。だって怖いんだもん…」 (Inami, Dansei Kyoufushou. Datte Kowainda Mon…)
“Inami, Fear of Men. Because They’re Scary…”

I don’t know how Souta puts up with Mahiru at Wagnaria, but his job sure as hell warrants some danger pay. Actually, make that an extensive health and dental coverage package as well, because he’s probably going to need his jaw realigned and teeth reset at this rate.

WORKING!! – 01

「ワグナリアへようこそ♪小鳥遊、働く。」 (Wagunaria he Youkoso♪ Takanashi, Hataraku.)
“Welcome to Wagnaria♪. Takanashi, Work.”

Clean slice-of-life comedic fun with an all-star casts comes our way from a family restaurant of all places! Given how a lot of anime these days are high school-based, it never hurts to change up the scenery at the very least, which is what we have with WORKING.